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Excerpts from

  Diagrams for Living
The Bible Unveiled

by Emmet Fox

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Book Description

A beloved teacher and best-selling author offers diagrams for living to show "how you can came out of limitation and find real happiness. "

Fox has inspired millions of people over the past forty years through his simple, practical guidelines. In Diagrams for Living he presents valuable keys to living a more fulfilled life drawn from the eloquent spiritual wisdom of the Bible.

If we read the Bible literally, cautions Fox, we miss the eternal power and personal relevance found in its symbols, allegories, and parables. "Whether you realize it or not," he writes, "you are on every page from Genesis to Revelation." Fox shows how to read dramatic biblical stories as symbolic diagrams for living that can "show you how to overcome difficulties and problems, and how to give expression to the deep aspirations that lie hidden in your soul." This power to reveal, inspire, and guide makes the Bible's teachings adaptable to everyone at every stage of spiritual development.

Sensible, contemporary, and full of reassurance, Diagrams for Living offers sage counsel from a gifted teacher.


Your Wrestling Angel
The Balanced Soul
Water, Women, and the Moon
"Man, the Builder"
Turning the Tide of Trouble
The Called, the Chosen and the
The Fourth Man
A Tale of Two Women
War in Heaven
Can the Stars Help You?
Marriage and Divorce
What Jesus Taught about
How to Un-worry
The Robe, the Ring, and the
The Real Second Coming
The Anatomy of Healing
The Power in Your Name
The Resurrection of the World


THE PRESENT volume fulfills another promise made by Emmet Fox to his students and friends to "unveil" a cross section of the Bible in narrative form; not only to make the Bible come alive for the modern reader but also to open up to his consciousness the diagrams for living which the Bible has veiled in symbol and allegory.

To quote Dr. Fox: "Some people wonder why the Bible has to be unveiled at all, and the answer is that the Bible is written in symbol and allegory, for many reasons, but chiefly because that is the only method by which the teaching could be made fit for every kind of person at every stage of spiritual development in every age. While the Bible contains much authentic history and biography, it also contains a great mass of parables and allegories. The chief difficulty in modern times which intelligent people have had to meet is that they have not understood that some of the things in the Bible which used to be taught as fact are really allegory, and contain great diagrams of our personal destinies."

This book has been compiled from the hundreds of lectures and class lessons which Emmet Fox delivered to tens of thousands in such vast halls as Albert Hall in London; Carnegie Hall in New York; the old Hippodrome and the Manhattan Opera House, where audiences numbered five to six thousand twice a week; the Biltmore and Astor Hotels; the Palace Hotel in San Francisco; and many others in the United States and abroad.

Order in Adobe PDF eBook or printed form for $7.95 (+ printing charge)

or click here to order from Amazon.com for $13.95 (or less)