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  • Why the phrase healthy as a savage couldnt be more misleading!


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  • Why its important to make time for yourself if you read nothing else, make sure you read this important information!


  • What the happiest people have in common and how you can join their elite group!


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  • One of the biggest roadblocks for living an efficient life and how you can easily overcome it!


  • The one thing everyone should have if they want to begin living a rich, full, efficient life!


  • How a persons body reveals their character and how to determine what yours is saying about you!


  • Two fantastic exercises to improve your carriage good carriage is directly connected with a person feelings of self-respect!

  • How to exercise and take care of your body without interrupting your already too-busy schedule!


  • How to know how much exercise is enough as well as what exercises you should be doing!


  • How to dramatically improve the health of your body in just five minutes a day!


  • How to eat properly


  • How to ensure your digestive system is functioning correctly


  • How to cure and prevent indigestion and constipation


  • How to beat fatigue


  • How to ensure you are getting enough sleep as well as the right kind of sleep!


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Based on a series of successful lectures Mr. Gulick delivered at New York University, this ebook will challenge you to reclaim and re-energize your life.


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What (this ebook) seeks is to enable each man to discover and secure for himself the best attainable conditions for his own daily life.


It aims to apply to the various details of that life our present knowledge of physiology and psychology in a common sense and practical way.

For each of us it is possible to increase the duration of his best moments and to render them more frequent.


It is also possible for us to reduce the number and the length of those periods of depression and low vitality when our work miscarries and our lives lack snap and enthusiasm.


If we succeed in bringing about such a change, we shall have raised the whole plane of our living to something higher and more admirable.


Our work will be productive of results that would otherwise have been quite beyond our reach!


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Take a look at the chapters included in this comprehensive ebook:


  • Speed
  • Efficiency
  • Life that is Worth While
  • States of Mind and States of Body
  • The Body Shows Character
  • Exercise Its Use and Abuse
  • Meat, Drink, and the Table
  • The Business of Digestion
  • Waste
  • The Attack on Constipation
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep
  • Stimulants and Other Whips
  • The Bath For Body and Soul
  • Pain The Danger Signal
  • Vision
  • Vitality The Armor of Offense
  • Growth in Rest

This incredible ebook presents the information and advice you need to live more efficiently, more contently, and more powerfully.


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  • How to improve the health and condition of your body
  • How to sharpen your outlook and excel both at work and at home
  • How to make the best use of your time
  • How to relax and avoid harmful stress
  • How to achieve true success
  • How to avoid fatigue and send your energy levels skyrocketing
  • How to exercise properly
  • How to eat properly
  • How to start enjoying your life
  • How to properly express your character and individuality
  • How to ensure you are getting enough rest
  • How not to let petty artificialities steal your energy and drive
  • And much, much more!

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