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Excerpts from

As A Man Thinketh
(Unabridged WMA format AudioBook)

byJames Allen

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Book Description
This WMA format audio book is suitable for any computer, and most MP3 players.

You'll receive this classic self-help book in both PDF ebook format and as a WMA format audio book also, which can be downloaded and listened to on any computer, or burned onto a CD and played in your car or on your Walkman, etc., if you wish.

The subjects discussed in this simply written but profound book are:

1. Thought and Character

2. Effect Of Thought On Circumstances

3. Effects Of Thoughts On Health And Body

4. Thought And Purpose

5. The Thought-Factor In Achievement

6. Visions And Ideals

7. Serenity

As a Man Thinketh is a classic in the truest sense: few books have been so widely read, have stood the test of time so well, have had such an impact on generations of readers, and have carried such a simple, profound message: You are what you think.

Success coach and writer Og Mandino counted "As a Man Thinketh" among the top ten success books of all time.

The author of this book, James Allen, is something of an enigma: little is known of his life other than that he was born in Leicester, England, and spent his later years in Ilfracombe where he wrote over twenty books.

Of these, "As a Man Thinketh" was by far the most successful, despite the author having felt that it was a minor work.

In fact, it has remained in print for a century, has been translated into at least five major languages, and has influenced the lives of untold millions with its powerful message.