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Excerpts from

(16-part Audio Seminar)
by Eric Butterworth

Download immediately for just $29.95!

"A COURSE IN PRACTICAL METAPHYSICS" Audio lecture series by Eric Butterworth

In this 16-part, 6 hour series of audio lectures, world famous author and speaker Eric Butterworth outlines the fundamentals of Metaphysical Truths for the beginner and the advanced student.

The late Eric Butterworth has often been referred to as a "Twentieth Century Emerson." His teaching was focused on the Divinity of all people, and his desire was that everyone would know their Oneness with God. A visionary and an innovator, he originated the Spiritual Therapy Workshops, which he conducted for over 35 years. And, as a pioneer radio broadcaster, he began his daily messages, which at times went around the world, with the words: "You can change your life by altering your thoughts."

His was a gentle voice that beautifully articulated a powerful message, which inspired hundreds of thousands of people for over fifty years.

In this comprehensive 6 hour audio seminar Eric Butterworth explains many of the deepest spiritual concepts in an easy to understand and sometimes amusing manner.

No matter at what stage you are along your journey of spiritual unfoldment, you are sure to gain valuable insights by listening to Eric Butterworth's captivating series of lectures on practical metaphysics.

To attend a live seminar such as this could cost hundreds of dollars, but now you can listen to a full seminar by one of the 20th century's leading teachers of practical metaphysics in the comfort of your own home or car, or on your portable audio player while travelling to work, for less than the price of a meal for two at your local restaurant!

The 16 part seminar is supplied in WMA format audio files - suitable for any computer and most MP3 players. They can quickly and easily be converted into MP3 or other formats using free downloadable software if required.

This audio course normally sells for $80, but is available for a limited period of time for just $29.95!

Download immediately for just $29.95!

N.B. You will be able to download the entire seminar immediately you have made your payment. As this audio files are quite large in size, a broadband internet connection such as DSL, Cable or Satellite is recommended for this.