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Excerpts from

Dollars Want Me

The New Road to Opulence
Henry Harrison Brown

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Book Description
A helpful little book which every business man and woman should have upon their desks. It is a desirable teaching for others to have also.  N. Y. Times.

To the Reader.

This essay upon the Dollar appeared in NOW as one of a series of twelve lessons entitled, "Success and how I won it through Affirm-ation." It attracted much attention and drew out from its readers many letters. This appreciation has decided "NOW" Folk to reprint it in form for a wider circulation.

This well conserve the purpose for which it was written. I wish to awaken my fellows to a sense of their present possessions and help them to a realization of the Principle which controls Life's express-ion so that, living being to them "a fine art," they will cease to look for happiness in some far-off heaven, but will enter into the enjoyment of the one they create here and now.

It is believed that this little monograph is the first utterance of the thought that each individual has the ability so to radiate his mental forces that he can cause the Dollar to feel him, love him, seek him and thus draw, at will, all things needed for his unfoldment from the Universal Supply.

It will help you to rise above the drudgery of enforced labor and enable you to enter upon the manifold expressions of life with the joy and spontaneity of childhood. This is the thought which comes to you with this, my Lesson of Success.

Henry Harrison Brown.
San Francisco. Cal., May 1, 1903.


The constant and increasing demand for this modest booklet and the beneficent effect which it has had on thousands of its readers, seem to justify its appearance in a new and enlarged form. May it have also a wider influence and an enlarged power to free the minds of its readers from the tyranny of things.

Henry Harrison Brown.
March, 1917.


"He who dares assert the I,
May calmly wait
While hurrying fate
Meets his demands with sure supply."  

-- Helen Wilmans.


There is neither health nor prosperity without harmony. There is no peace, no health, where there is want, be it want of material Supply, wisdom Supply or love Supply. Love, Truth and Dollars -- these are necessary to human well-being.

Mind, body and estate must be cared for. In order that there may be health, happiness and prosperity, there must be Harmony. This harmony is found in merely giving Self, the Soul, its way. Harm-ony is living in obedience to mental law. It is found in right thinking.

Bane of Poverty

Poverty is the main cause of the unrest, the disease (the un-ease) that afflicts mankind. Remove poverty by right thinking and all attendant evils will disappear. This right thinking means that there shall be on the part of the individual a change of attitude toward the Dollar.

Mental Attitude

The prevalent attitude is want for the Dollar, belief that Dollars are power. This must be outgrown and the attitude must be that ALL POWER IS IN MAN. Dollars are machines with power delegated to them by man. They are useless without man. DOLLARS WANT ME! is to be the thought of the "Coming man.'' A few so think now and have obtained mastery of Supply.

Demand and Supply

It is a legitimate demand on the part of each individual that he have enough. To supply human needs is the function of the universe. All is for man. The sun shines for him; the waters run for him; the flowers bloom for him; the grain ripens for him; and the earth teems with beauty for him. All would be use-less, would be purpose-less, but for him. When he ceases to be, there is no use for the universe or anything in it. Without Man these are virtually non-existent. Man alone gives a meaning, a use, a value, a purpose to the universe.

There is enough in the Universal One from which all things materialize, for each one to have enough to meet all desires with-out robbing any. Infinite Supply is all about us and yet there is want. Whose the fault? Not of The One. It is in ourselves. We have not known how to claim, nor have we claimed our own.

Law of Supply

The law is simple and it is laid down by the greatest political economist as well as the greatest Mental Scientist the world has in its historic records. He was not a theologian, neither did he deal with questions of a future life, as many seem to think; he was a sociologist and a socialist. He dealt with questions of  ''the life that now is." His name was Jesus. He gave the Law thus: "Seek first the

Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all things shall be added unto you."

Study the Law

Analyze the Law thus:-- "Kingdom of God?" Where? "Within you." ''God is Spirit," he said. "The Kingdom of God'" is then in the Soul. It is the Ego or Soul of man. Know thyself as Soul; know thyself as Spirit -- this is the Law. Live rightly, is the meaning of "His righteousness." Live in accord with your sense of right; obey your own conscience. Then all things shall be yours. Things of whatever kind, of all kinds, are manifestations of the One Sub-stance. Things are, like yourself, manifestations of the One God. Dollars are things. Dollars are manifestations of the One God.

The Law is Simple

Plain directions, these: Live true to self; live spiritually; give the first place in your thought to the eternal, from which things come and then all things will come to you at need. "First?" Yes! Not things first, but that mental condition which controls things. Not Dollars first, but that mental attitude which attracts Dollars.

I Trust Myself

That mental condition is Faith in Self as a manifestation of Omnipotence, Faith in Self as a manifestation of the All-Good, Faith in the Universe as Justice, Faith in the Universal One as entirely Good, Faith in the Life you are, to draw its necessary Supply of things demanded for its highest expression. Then let things come. This is all, but it is --God. This is the "strait gate." Few there be that enter in, but all may.

Things are Second

Few place things "second." Dollars, position, influence, show, -- these, in common thought, come "first." But these are results of Power. First become one with the Power, become the Power, and these desired things will come. The ordinary process of business, the customary method of thinking, is to be reversed. Think from inward Power, think from Being.

Be Master

You  will then be the Master and things will take their right place. Become "one with God" by recognizing Him as King -- in your Soul. Listen to Him in the edicts of your Soul. Say, as you thus become negative to the Higher in you, ''Now, God, do your work your way! and it will be done satisfactorily to me." No one can fail when he assumes this attitude of Love and Trust. It would be an impotent God, and therefore no-God, that did not work when these conditions are made.

Poverty: How Cured

Poverty is a mental condition. It can be cured only by the Affirm-ation of Power to cure:--  I am part of the One and, in the One, possess all. I possess all! Affirm this and patiently wait for the manifestation. You have sown the thought-seed, now, like the rancher, wait for the sprouting and the harvest. It can never fail you when, like him, you trust.

Cure of Poverty

Repeat this Affirmation, no matter what the appearances. No matter if hungry, houseless and alone, affirm:-- God is my Supply. My Supply is Infinite. Dollars want me! Trust implicitly in the inviolable Law of Cause and Effect. You are Cause; Supply is the Effect that must follow your Affirmation.


In the past, you have sown poverty-seeds, and are now reaping the crop. You do not enjoy this harvest. Sow, amid these results of previous sowing, Plenty-seeds and Plenty will come. Supply is yours when you sow Supply-seeds. Sow, no matter how seemingly black the conditions. The seeds have God-in-them and cannot fail.

Affirmations for Use

My SUPPLY IS INFINITE! For God is my Supply. Supply can never fail me. Make this your Affirmation and hold it. HOLD IT.

Supply is Sure

The law of Supply is as sure as gravity. In this Affirmation, All is Mine! Dollars want me! you have repolarized your aura. You have changed your vibrations and you will draw, as the magnet draws the needle, all you can use. Try it! Never let go of your trust that Dollars, or that for which they stand, will come. Thy Kingdom, O Soul, has come and thy will is done for God and Soul are One.

"All is mine; 'tis but by asking:
Ere I make my silent plea
Life unlocks her richest treasures
For my waiting eyes to see."

Order complete book in Adobe PDF eBook or printed form for $7.95 (+ printing charge)

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