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Excerpts from

  Everyday Experiences
F.W. Sears M.P.

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Book Description
This little book teaches one how to meet and solve the many complex, irritating, nerve-racking and soul-destroying problems which come to one in the daily living out of life. As Dr. Sears well says "It is not the thing itself but it is our attitude towards it, or the use we make of it, which determines its effect upon us." Each of the six different experiences related, and their solution, will be worth many times the price of this book to any life which will apply the lessons taught herein.


''EVERYDAY EXPERIENCES" are the simple relation of some of the many problems which students and patients have presented to me for solution, the remedy I have prescribed, and the results obtained.

Knowing the "Law of Harmony" in its application to all things, and knowing the constructive results which will come to those who apply it in the living out of their daily life, these actual experiences are given to the world for the benefit of those who are ready and waiting for them.



Chapter 1


SHE was about 25, well dressed, neat in appearance, rather good looking, quite intelligent, and a teacher of art. The distressed look upon her face when she entered my office showed that she was undergoing terrible suffering of some kind. She greeted me with the inquiry, "What in the world will I do, doctor?"

I told her the first thing she should do was to sit down, just get quiet a little and "let go," then tell me all about it.

I talked with her about unimportant matters for a few minutes until I saw that she had grown somewhat calm and quiet in the harmonious atmosphere of my office and then asked her what her trouble was.

She said that it was money or rather the lack of it. I told her there was plenty of money in the world and a great abundance of it right here in New York. "Yes," she said, "but I can't get hold of it unless I pawn my diamond ring. I had to pawn one of them last month in order to pay my rent and will have to pawn my last one in order to pay my rent this month and then what shall I do?"

"Why pawn your ring now?" I asked.

"I haven't pawned it yet," she said, "but I will have to do so."

"You may not as yet have gone through the physical act of taking your ring to the pawn shop and leaving it there," I replied, "but you have pawned it already in your consciousness, your thought world, your imagination, and unless you at once stop pawning it there you will soon take it to the pawn shop. But should it be necessary for you to go to the pawn shop, why worry about it? Why not look upon your rings as cash in the bank, to be drawn upon when necessary. We sometimes draw our bank balance down to the last dollar but that does not worry us for we know we will deposit some more right away, and when we do KNOW it we always get the money to deposit. Why not take this same attitude towards the ring you have in pawn?"

"Again, this is only Friday and the first of the month does not come until next Monday," I said.
"Supposing you did not pay your rent on that day, your landlord would not put you out for you have always been a good tenant and paid your rent heretofore. Even though he was to serve a dispossess notice on you you have five days in which to pay or move, so that you have at least a week from today, under the most unfavorable conditions, in which to get your rent money."

"Yes," she replied, "that is all very true but from whence is the money coming? I haven't been doing any work lately and no one is paying out any money for my kind of work these days and I haven't a cent in sight anywhere and no place I can go to get any, except by pawning my diamond ring, even if I had two months' time instead of only a week."

"It isn't necessary for you to know from whence the money is coming," I replied, "for that is the work of God—the great Universal Law. Your work is to KNOW that God always attends to His part of the business and materializes things for us, both in body and environment, to accord with the vision or image we create and hold in our imagination and the harmonious or inharmonious energy we use in creating and holding it. God always does His part of the work whether we do ours consciously and intelligently or unconsciously and ignorantly. Just so long as you hold the image, thought or idea that you will have to pawn your ring, creating and holding this image, thought or idea in fear and trembling, then the only thing God can do for you is to work out that image in material form the same as he did for you last month. You actually had to pawn your ring then, and while you paid your rent, yet you are in even worse condition today than you were then. You can continue to do this same thing again this month and keep it up until there is nothing left for God to do for you but to continue materializing lack and inharmony for you in every way. Or by using this same Universal Law which has brought you lack, but changing your application of it by changing the image, thought, idea, vision with which you fill your imagination, you can attract the money to you with which to pay your rent, get it in a perfectly legitimate and constructive manner and not have to pawn your ring either, and by continuing to make the new application which I will teach you you can be in a much better position this time next month instead of a worse one as you now are."

"Oh how can I do  it, doctor," she asked.

"Just FILL your thought world, your imagination, with the thought, idea, image, vision, that you have your rent money NOW, and keep it FILLED. Every time the thought of lack comes to you displace it at once with the affirmative statement of  'I have the rent money NOW,' " I replied.

"How can I say 'I have the rent money NOW,' doctor," she asked, "when I know it's a lie, for I haven't it?"

"My dear girl," I said, "as long as you know you haven't it; as long as you know it's a lie, just so long will you continue to be without it, for God—the Universal Law—can only materialize for you according to your vision and the energy back of it, and he cannot furnish you with supply for your needs so long as you continue to create lack, fear, worry, anxiety, etc., in your consciousness, your imagination. When you learn to affirm that you have your rent money NOW with one-tenth the energy and creative power you use in affirming its lack, God will materialize it for you."

"Well, doctor, I will try," she said.

"That will not do," I answered.

"I will do the best I can, then," she said.

"That will not do," again I answered.

"I will do it," she said.

"Now I am sure you will succeed," I replied.

On the following Tuesday she came into my office with her face wreathed in smiles and, after greeting me, said, "Oh doctor, it is so wonderful. I hardly know how it was done, but it seemed as though every one in the world wanted to pay me money since I was here the other day, and I have collected enough money not only to pay my rent this month but was able to take my ring out of pawn today."

Order complete book in Adobe PDF eBook or printed form for $4.95 (+ printing charge)

or click here to order in printed form from Amazon.com for $13.22