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Excerpts from

  Emmet Fox's Golden Keys
to Successful Living
by Herman Wolhorn

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Book Description
Emmet Fox ( 1886-1951 ), notable New Tought leader and writer, was born in Ireland but lived most of his life in England before moving to the United States. He became interested in the New Thought movement as a young man and gave his first metaphysical lecture in London in 1928. During visit to the United States in 1931, Dr. Fox accepted the position of minister of the Church of the Healing Christ in New York City. As a Divine Science minister, he was highly successful for the rest of his active live.

Through his personal reminiscences of travels with Dr. Fox, the author reveals the teacher's thoughts on many topics. All of Emmet Fox's teaching are clearly explained here: The true nature of God; Principles for achieving success and happiness; How to use your deepened spiritual understanding to change the lives of those around you; The real meaning of such commonly misunderstood terms as "Fear of God, Wrath of God, Salvation, Judgement, Heathens, and Repentance."


For many years there has been an insistent demand from the followers of Emmet Fox for a biography that would give a more intimate view of the man than his books provide. In one sense the life of Emmet Fox cannot be separated from the teaching he did in person and through his publications, and yet there was a warm, intimate, personal side, known to few rather than to many. And so I have divided this book into two parts. Part One is a summary of the teaching he gave, annotated (in italic type) with personal observations that I experienced during the twenty years we worked together.

Part Two is an intimate view of the Emmet Fox my wife and I knew in our close association with him. I am sure there are many people around the world who could offer other insights of Emmet Fox as they perceived him, but I have confined this account, with few exceptions, to the three of us: Emmet Fox, Blanche Wolhorn, and myself. It is not a chronological account. I have grouped related ideas and events so as to convey a comprehensive portrait of Emmet Fox in his constant search for Truth and in the ongoing work of his Healing Ministry.

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Clayton Carlson of Harper & Row, who encouraged the writing of this project, to Eleanor Jordan and Fred Becker, also of Harper, who provided insights about the Emmet Fox books, and to Dr. Fletcher Harding, a special friend of Emmet Fox, whose moving tribute to Dr. Fox at the time of his departure closes the book.