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Excerpts from

  Golden Keys to a Lifetime of Living
Venice Bloodworth

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Book Description
This very hard to find book was originally published in 1960. As the demand for her teaching increased, Dr. Bloodworth prepared a series of lessons for instruction by correspondence to ease her crowded schedule. This useful idea now becomes a welcome answer to those who are asking to see more of her writing. These lessons, which were intended to fill a definite need for those who wished to be included in her classes, are now available to meet a present demand.


"The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, and whosoever shall know HIMSELF shall find it."

Dear Friend:

In the coming weeks as we visit together through these letters many things will be brought to your attention. All of them you know deep within your Real Self. Some of them you may already be aware of, some you are not. All are given for one purpose only, to make you fully aware of who and what you are.

In all this amazing and marvelous Universe which God has created there is only one thing which He created in His own Image and Likeness and endowed with His own Power and that is you. You are the most wonderful of all God's creations. We are very apt to forget that in the hurley, burley world of affairs and allow ourselves to sink into a state of apathy forgetting for a time our greatness, and also the ever presence of our Creator.

Today we live in a world that is sick with a sickness wrought by men with greed and lust, hate and fear within their hearts. When we look without we see a result of fear driven humanity seeking a place of refuge and peace.

In a recent newspaper editorial the writer spoke of the Atomic bomb as "the last word in power." Although many are in agreement with this writer, this statement is utterly false and without foundation in fact. True, it may be the most powerful and destructive military weapon yet devised by man. It is probably true that one of the newer bombs now being made can destroy New York City, and that, as one military expert recently declared, seventy-two rightly placed bombs could wipe this nation out of existence.

Yes, these things, together with much more that is being said may be quite true. Yet the statement and the belief that "the atomic bomb (or any other material invention) is the last word in power," remains a dangerous untruth.

When will a nation that is supposed to be a Christian nation, a nation that places the words, "In God we trust" on its silver currency, remember and acknowledge that THE FIRST AND LAST WORD IN POWER IS GOD. And that Power, in Its very nature is love, peace, order, harmony, truth, good will, friendliness and happiness. Moreover, the only things It can or will destroy are those things which are unlike Itself. Those things which man has built up in defiance of Its Perfect Law.

Yes, the world is sick with fear because we forget that Our Father is GOD THE ALMIGHTY and we His children are made in His Image. What about that? Can you believe it, can you say and believe that "I AM GOD"?

Now we can accomplish nothing for ourselves or for the world by optimism that rests upon no foundation other than a dislike to hear unpleasant things, and a belief that man can stop the working of God's Law of cause and effect simply by denying the existence of the effects. We are all in the conditions and afflictions because we have misused the power that is ours. If therefore, we have the power to bring about conditions and afflictions we do not want, perhaps through ignorance, it stands to reason that through the right use of the same power we can bring into our lives the good we desire so much.

"If thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments." (Matthew 19:17) The "Life" of which Jesus spoke was not just a future life as some have thought. It is that ETERNAL LIFE which, since it is eternal, must include the here and now as well as the hereafter. It is life in its fullness, a life free from destruction, disasters, and death. A life of order, peace, love, and plenty. A life of Divine Supply for every human need.

The secret of obtaining this life according to the words of Jesus, given to instruct all mankind, is to "keep the commandments." These are not only the Ten Commandments given to Moses, but also those written within our hearts and souls by the very finger of God Himself. "Thou shall keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee."

These commandments written in your Real Self by God will be the subject of many future visits with  you and how you may apply a Universal, Impersonal, Principle to solve all your difficulties whether large or small, and bring into your life the peace, love, and abundance which is the birthright of every individual will be given quite simply in a way the child could understand and use.

Until next week dear friend remember, "In him we live, and move, and have our being." (Acts 17:28)

Love and blessings,
Venice Bloodworth


Come give me your hand. I want to take you to a place I know. It is a beautiful castle but within it are two places that need lots of work done for it to be whole and truly beautiful again. Let's go upstairs. Have you ever seen an attic so jam-packed with a lot of useless plunder? Know what it is? IT'S YOUR MIND. Many of us go through life hauling a lot of useless freight simply because we don't know how to free ourselves.

Well, first I want you to take your main beliefs and examine them thoroughly. Then ask yourself, "Why do I believe this? Is it something I have proved or something handed to me by race, superstition, suggestion or man-made theories?" Examine each thing carefully because what you decide to keep, YOU HAVE TO LIVE WITH.

Now let's go to the cellar, now down another flight. Dark isn't it? This is the dungeon where the lord of the castle keeps his prisoners. Each prisoner's name is on the cell door, criticism, hate, resentment, anger, and in the last and darkest cell the worst of all, fear. Recognize the jailor? YES, IT'S YOU! This dungeon is your heart (subconscious mind) and the jailor is just as much imprisoned as the prisoners because he has to stay with them, and feed and care for them. The only way he can be free, is to free the prisoners. A great teacher once said that ten minutes a day spent in forgiving ourselves and others was the best preparation for a good life.

I know you are shocked. I was too when I recognized myself. But I was glad too, because I realized what a perfect chance I have to wipe the slate clean, and begin a new life such as the gods themselves would envy.

Now is the time to start!


"God requires the past."

Beloved Friend:

Did you ever read Emerson's advice in his letter to his daughter? "Finish every day and be done with it. You have done what you could today; some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in, but forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be cumbered with your old nonsense. This day is for all that is good and fair. It is too dear to waste a moment on the forgotten yesterdays,"

Jesus gave us another way of saying this, "Cast your burdens upon ME and I will sustain you."

Now let us find out about Me. Who is this Me Jesus speaks of? Is it the man Jesus? I think not.

He was speaking of that wonderful Me within You, God Himself.

But if we are to make progress in this new beginning we are making, it is absolutely necessary to STOP living in past events of your life and live in the present, the NOW. That is really all the time we ever have. The past exists only in our memory and no man can live the future, so you can readily see the NOW is the important time.

Why are our mental hospitals so full, and so many people struggling under such burdens it makes them ill to carry them? Are they the burdens of this present hour or day? No, I believe if you look into the matter thoroughly you will come to realize we are carrying ALL the burdens we have ever had, and the load is past bearing. We let the "dead past" color our bright new day and cast its dark shadows so we walk a darkened way. We measure everything by past experience, which is just as foolish as the forty year old woman who thought by wearing her hair in pigtails, and little girl clothes she could escape the responsibilities of adulthood.

We hug our past to us, the bitter with the sweet, never dreaming it no longer exists, except in our thoughts, but never realizing that our present is formed and shaped as it is because of our holding to the past. In memory lives the army of beliefs which strengthens our belief in good and evil. In admitting evil as a reality in the past, strength is added to our admissions of it in the present. Remembering and going over past evils, or problems, or mistakes will eventually cause them to RETRACE themselves in our present expression. Many a person is suffering, not from a sin, but the MEMORY of it, with its condemnation.

"Loose it and let it go." Free yourself from the memory of what you have passed through. It's the MEMORY of evil, drilled into us from childhood, that causes us to react so suspiciously toward the world. And yet we are told by the Great Teacher we must become as a little child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The Child of whom He speaks is the Real Self of you; that pure and glorious and wonderful Self that has never really left heaven. And how do we become this Child? Is there anything in heaven or earth as wonderful, as pure, as lovely as a little child? He bears no grudges, has no prejudices, and finds everything valuable and of interest from worms to skyscrapers. He lives in a dream of bliss because he loves everything. He has no past to bother him, knows nothing about the future, so he lives fully the present day. When night falls, he sleeps secure in the knowledge that he is loved and protected by his parents. The world is his because he loves it.

We can be reborn into that world for already it lives in us and belongs to us by divine right because now beloved, you are the child of God.

If you could only realize for one moment, even to a small degree, what that means your whole life would change. The way to realization is to think about it, thrill to it, love towards it, until it becomes yours, as it surely will.

It is a fact that two things can not occupy the same place at the same time. So if you want something different in your life, something better than you now have, you must let go of what you are holding to NOW, else nothing new can enter in.

We have in these first two letters been trying to help you clear your decks for action. Next week we will start building, and I hope your building place is clear and clean. Remember, in using these principles it is YOU who will benefit. Are you ready?

Venice Bloodworth


Read slowly and thoughtfully the 91st Psalm each night before retiring and THINK, THINK, THINK, about its wonderful promises. Then ask yourself, "Is there anything in all the world to be afraid of or fearful about?" Answer me, is there?

Order the complete book in Adobe PDF eBook or printed form for $9.95 (+ printing charge)

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