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Excerpts from
  Healing Yourself
by Christian D. Larson

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Book Description
There are many states and conditions of mind, and many stages in human development. Also, there are many special personal needs. Therefore, it is necessary to have many methods of healing and many ways to open the doors to personal emancipation and well being. In this very hard to find book from 1918 many methods are presented, each one of which has proven its own efficacy and power in no uncertain manner; indeed, each one of these methods has helped its thousands and its tens of thousands, and will continue to do so.


INTRODUCTORY STATEMENT..............................
Chapter 1 - FULL SUPPLY OF VITAL ENERGY.............
Chapter 2 - THE SUPER-PHYSICAL BREATH...............
Chapter 3 - PSYCHOLOGICAL EQUILIBRIUM...............
Chapter 4 - NOURISHING THE BODY.....................
Chapter 5 - NOURISHING THE MIND.....................
Chapter 6 - THE WILL TO BE WELL.....................
Chapter 7 - INTERIOR RELAXATION.....................
Chapter 8 - IMAGINE YOURSELF WELL...................
Chapter 9 - THE REAL LIVING OF LIFE.................
Chapter 11 - THE FINER CURATIVE FORCES..............
Chapter 12 - LIVING IN THE ABSOLUTE.................

Chapter 1


The Great Law. - It is absolutely impossible for any form of disease, physical or mental, organic or functional; to enter the human system so long as that system is abundantly supplied with vital energy. And it is absolutely impossible for any form of disease to remain in the human system after a full supply of vital energy has been provided for every part of that system.

The First Essential. - Recognizing the validity and the certainty of the law just presented, we realize that the first essential in the attainment of health, in the regaining of health, or in the maintenance of health, must necessarily be to supply the human system with all the vital energy that mind and body can appropriate and employ. In brief, if we have good health, and wish to continue in good health, we must take immediate steps to keep the system brim full of vital energy under every circumstance; or, if we I wish to regain health, we must proceed to recharge and revitalize the entire system until the full supply of energy has been secured.

How to Proceed. - Our purpose must be, to so live, think and act that all waste of vital energy may be prevented absolutely; and also, to adopt such methods as may prove directly conducive to the increase of vital energy; that is, we must learn to retain what energy we have, and learn to produce more and more as growth and advancement may demand.

Practical Methods - The first and simplest rule to observe is that of moderation in all things. Act only in conformity with present capacity; and aim to increase your capacity before you increase your activity. Believe that you can do as much as you like, then do only as much as you know you have the available energy to do at present. Take good care of the energy you have Permit no waste; but do not permit the least to lie dormant. Use all the energy you have every day. Live and work to full capacity. But do not live and work beyond your present capacity. First increase your capacity; and know that you can.

Revitalization. - When all the energy in the system has been used for the day, in wholesome living and constructive work, proper methods must be taken to revitalize and recharge the system. And this is accomplished in the natural way, through change of activity, recreation and sleep. Should you feel the energy of the system running low, the simplest and quickest way to recuperate is to go and do something else, or to turn thought and attention into some other channel. In brief, permit the muscles and the faculties you have been using to relax, and call into action muscles and faculties that have not been used for a time. The practice of turning thought and attention into other channels for thirty minutes several times every day is one of the best methods known for recharging the system with energy, and thus keeping mind and body fully supplied at all times.

Source of Energy. - The real source of vital energy is found in the subconscious mind; and we enter the subconscious whenever we go to sleep, largely for the purpose of gaining a new supply of life, force and energy It is highly important, therefore, to go to sleep with the expectation of gaining a larger supply of energy than we ever possessed before, because it is always the law everywhere that the more we expect the more we receive, However, we must never permit anxiety to accompany our expectations; we must, in all things, be calm and serene, and make it our purpose to live and act in the full faith that all our expectations will be realized. The fact is, that there is more power in a calm, serene faith than in anything else in the world.

How to Live. - In order that the system maybe full of life and energy at all times, live the serene life, but turn on the full current. Give full, harmonious and constructive expression to all the power there is in you, but see that every action is calm, orderly and in perfect poise. Live a large life and a powerful life, but invariably combine the expression of power with a deep feeling of peace Try to feel serene and strong at the same time, and at all times. This is most important if you would have an abundance of energy, and retain it all, with full force, in your own system And you will find that this simple practice of trying to feel serene and strong at the same time will work wonders for you.

How to Work. - Under every circumstance, work in poise. Work with all the energy you have, but apply that energy in poise; and never permit yourself to violate this rule. Avoid nervous rush, regardless of conditions or demands; and also avoid the habit of doing less than you can do; for remember that we always lose what energy we do not use. Use all the energy you have; use it constructively; use it in poise; and use it in the full conviction that you will immediately receive more. Again, we should consider the great law of expectation. Expect more; expect much; expect everything you want; then live in the absolute faith that all your expectations will be realized.

Very Important. - All waste of energy must be prevented if we wish to have continuous and perfect health. And, therefore, everything must be avoided that may tend to produce such waste, be the action physical or mental We must not only avoid the misuse of the body, but also the misuse of the mind. Such states therefore as anger, fear or worry: or similar states of mind must never be tolerated for a single moment. The fact is, that one-hour of severe mental depression may lower your vital energy down to a point where you have less than one-fourth as much as you had before. If one hour of such a state of mind can destroy more than three fourths of your energy, we have something here that must not be ignored for a moment And it is too true that mental depression, or similar states, will have this very effect. We must therefore eliminate such states absolutely, and keep the mind in a clean, lofty, harmonious condition at all times. Rsmember this: Do nothing to lower your vitality and you will always be well.

Special Exercise. - We find in every human system a tendency to lose energy. In fact most people are losing vital energy, unconsciously, most of the time. But this loss we must prevent; and we can. We can learn to hold, in our own system, all the energy we generate; and this may be accomplished in a very short time through the following exercise.

Take a few moments several times every day, and turn attention upon the energy that fills your physical and mental system. Then try to feel that you are holding all of this energy in your own system through the power of your mind. In fact, try to take conscious hold of this energy and keep it all in yourself. In a moment, you will feel more and more energy accumulating in every part of your being until you actually feel as if you were recharged. And you are. You have, for the time being, prevented all loss; and you are beginning to realize what a power you would become if you could always retain all the energy you generate. Repeat the exercise several times every day until it becomes second nature for your mind to hold within your own system all the energy you generate. Thus you prevent all loss permanently, and you will feel far stronger, both in mind and body, than ever before.

Full Supply. - Realizing the fact that the subconscious mind is the real source of energy, and that the subconscious will invariably respond to our conscious directions, we should make it a point to direct the subconscious every day to keep the system, physical and mental, absolutely full of vital energy every moment. This may be accomplished by turning attention upon the subconscious at frequent intervals, and actually declaring to the subconscious that this full supply be maintained. Results will positively follow.

Increase of Energy. - The permanent increase of vital energy may be secured by directing the subconscious to express, in mind and body, a larger supply. The subconscious can. The amount of latent energy in the great within is limitless; and, therefore, we may secure more and more as we desire Turn the positive will upon the subconscious, and will to arouse more and more vital energy from within. Proceed calmly, and with determination; and fully expect to receive the increase that you have in mind.

The Aim in View - We know the great law, that no ailment whatever can enter the human system, so long as that system is brim full of vital energy. Our aim in view therefore must be to possess, at all times, this full and abundant supply. And as we learn this great art. we shall always be well; we shall always be strong, we shall live a long, active life, and enjoy every moment to the highest degree.

Chapter 2


Important Fact. - The physical atmosphere with which we are surrounded, and portions of which we inhale with every breath, is not composed of physical elements alone. And when we breathe, we take into the system something more besides the air that enters the lungs. The fact is, that the physical atmosphere is charged with certain vital forces, or life energies, that are drawn more or less into the physical system when we breathe; and that invariably tend to increase the vital energy of the system. In some localities the atmosphere contains more of this vital force than elsewhere; and we always find that the population of such localities feel stronger, more energetic and more alive, and accomplish a great deal more, both in the physical and the mental fields of activity. We also find that certain individuals have the happy faculty of drawing into their systems a greater supply than usual of this atmospheric life force, regardless of where they may live; and, in consequence, have far more energy, under every circumstance, than the majority.

The Energizing Breath. - It is not always convenient to select those localities where the atmosphere has the most energy; besides, the atmosphere in every locality may change its energy producing power with every change in climatic conditions. We cannot depend, therefore, upon conditions as they come and go in the external; but we can depend upon our own power to extract from the atmosphere all the life energy we may desire; for the fact is, that there is an abundance of this life energy in the atmosphere of any locality, regardless of climatic conditions; and we can, through the energizing breath, or the super-physical breath, draw into our systems as much of this  force as we can hold or apply. This must become our purpose, therefore, because the human system does require a certain amount of this atmospheric energy in order to maintain perfect health. And when we can draw into the system a great deal more of this energy than is required for perfect health, we may increase remarkably both our working capacity and our joy of living. This latter fact is most evident, because it is when we feel as if we were literally charged with these highly refined life energies that life becomes nothing less than supreme joy. And it is then that we want to live for an indefinite period, and achieve wonderfully upon this planet.

The New Way. - In the usual way of breathing, we inhale what we can appropriate of the physical atmosphere, so as to supply certain demands of nature; and if the atmosphere happens to be well charged at the time, we draw into the system considerable life energy with every inhalation; but if the atmosphere does not happen to be well charged, we receive but a scant supply of this energy, and in consequence do not feel as strong or as well as usual. In the new way of breathing, however, we do not rely merely upon what energy may be received in the usual manner; we make a special effort to draw into the system an extra supply of life energy with every inhalation. And this we can readily do if we observe a few important laws in connection with general breathing and special exercises in breathing.

How to Begin. - Realize that the atmosphere you breathe is charged with certain vital energies and that a certain supply of these energies is taken into the system with every breath. Then realize that you can draw into your system a far greater supply of these energies; and that your body will have greater vitality and better health with every increase of this supply that you receive. The fact is, that, although your body may be too weak to move around, you can, by drawing more energy from the atmosphere into your system, make your body so strong and so vigorous that you will actually feel as if you were electrically charged through and through. You can, through the super-physical breath, restore your physical system to full health and vigor, no matter how low your vitality may be. And you can, in the same manner, increase your physical and mental power remarkably every year for an indefinite period.

General Exercise. - Whenever you breathe consciously, think deeply of the vital energy of the atmosphere; and as you inhale, desire with depth of feeling to draw more and more of this energy into your system with every breath. In ordinary physical breathing, the object is simply to secure oxygen for the lungs; but in super physical breathing, the object is to secure a greater and a greater supply of that finer life energy that permeates the atmosphere everywhere. And as you make a special and a conscious effort, in your general breathing, to attract more of this finer energy, you will soon develop the faculty of attracting more of this energy at all times, with every breath,  whether you think of your breathing or not. The result will be that you will always have more energy than usual, and in every kind of atmosphere or climatic condition.

Special Exercise. - Be seated in a comfortable position, a position that will permit of a free and easy exercise of the lungs. See that there is an abundance of fresh air in the room. Then begin to breathe, gently and deeply, inhaling and exhaling slowly, holding the breath a few seconds after each inhalation, and being particular to note that the lungs are filled comfortably, through and through, with each succeeding inhalation. Continue this mode of breathing for ten or fifteen minutes, and as you do so turn your attention upon the finer life currents of the atmosphere. Try to get into conscious touch with the finer forces of these currents, and try to draw a goodly supply of those forces into your system with every inhalation. In this connection, it is most important to realize that the finer forces of the atmosphere that surround you will obey the desires of your mind. Therefore, if you place your mind and thought in touch with those forces, and deeply desire to draw them into your system as you inhale, those forces will actually obey; and you will receive a far greater supply of life energy from the atmosphere than usual.

The Chief Secret. - In order to draw more and more of this life force into your system as you breathe, the chief secret is to get your mind into such close contact with the finer side of that force, that you can actually feel it coming into every atom of your body with every breath. And this closer contact may be secured, by thinking deeply and frequently of the finer energies of the atmosphere, concentrating attention, as much as possible, upon that finer feeling in yourself that can feel the finer forces within you and about you. With practice and perseverance this finer feeling will come; and by using the mind in the attitude of that finer feeling, you can get into perfect touch with that finer force, thereby mastering the chief secret in the super-physical breath.

Further Information. - During this special exercise, try to draw an extra supply of atmospheric energy into your system with every inhalation; then as you hold your breath for a few seconds, try to feel that this finer energy is penetrating every fiber in your being, giving new life and vitality to every nerve and cell; and as you exhale, try to feel that all the extra energy received is retained in the system, as a permanent addition to your physical and mental power. Then inhale again, as before, repeating the entire process again and again, gently and in poise, for ten or fifteen minutes. At the close of this exercise, you will feel that you have a great deal more vitality in your system than you ever felt before, even though you did not get fully into the real secret of the exercise. But when you do get fully into the real secret of this exercise, you will actually feel like a "live wire," and you will feel strong enough "to move the world." However, do not permit yourself to be carried away. Be calm and continue in poise.

Positive Results. - This special exercise may be taken twice a day, preferably in the morning and early in the afternoon; but it is an excellent practice to employ the same process for a minute or two any time during the day when you have the opportunity. The result will be a steady increase of energy and vitality; and where the body is ailing, this increase of energy will soon provide you with sufficient health-giving vitality to eliminate completely every trace of disease, and restore your system absolutely to full health and vigor. And here it is well to repeat the great fact, that whenever the physical system becomes thoroughly filled with vital energy, it is impossible for any form of disease to remain in that system any more. When the room is filled with light, all darkness must entirely disappear. One of the great secrets to perfect health, therefore, is to fill the system thoroughly with vital energy; and super-physical breathing can positively do this under every circumstance.

Further Application. - The reason why we speak of this process as super-physical breathing is found in the fact that it deals with the attraction and appropriation of forces that are finer than the usual physical forces; and that it is a higher form of breathing added to the ordinary physical breathing. It is in every sense super physical in its application; but it provides those finer life energies that alone can give the physical system that greater measure of vitality and force required for the highest state of vigorous health and power. It is therefore physical breathing extended, advanced and perfected to a much greater degree of effectiveness, and lifted up, so to speak, to a plane of action where we may draw upon the tremendous forces of nature in its finer and inexhaustible domains. This being true; we realize that the further application of the super-physical breath holds, within itself, most remarkable possibilities. We find that we may, through the simpler application of this breathing, supply the physical system with more and more vital energy until the body becomes strong enough to put every form of disease out of the way. And this is indeed a great achievement in itself. But when we find that we are surrounded with a limitless sea of inexhaustible energy, that permeates the atmosphere everywhere, and that we can learn to draw, more and more, upon this vast sea of energy through what we speak of as the super-physical breath, we realize what the further application of this great secret will mean. And our conclusion must be, that we will not delay this practice or study another day, but proceed at once to master this remarkable secret in every form and manner.

  "Healing Yourself" by Christian D. Larson

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