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Unabridged Audio Book
In Tune With The Infinite
by Ralph Waldo Trine

Order in unabridged mp3 audio book format for $24.95
(300 minute audio book + PDF eBook)


Written more than a century ago, this classic work inspired a generation, selling more than ten million copies worldwide. It is thought to be the original work of inspirational writing that led to such best-sellers as "Think and Grow Rich", and "The Power of Positive Thinking".

The author, Ralph Waldo Trine, explains that there is only One Life, which he calls Infinite Spirit, that underlies, supports and informs all reality. Infinite Spirit takes on the characteristics we ourselves either consciously or subconsciously assume. The result is that we wittingly or unwittingly create ourselves as well as the circumstances and conditions of our lives.

If you’ve never read "In Tune with the Infinite", you are in for a profound experience and perhaps a revelation. You’ll also find priceless instruction on how to ascend to a life of joy and fulfillment you may have thought possible only in your dreams.

This is a mp3 format unabridged audio narration of the original edition of
"In Tune with the Infinite" and also includes a new introduction by the author that appeared in later editions of the book. The playing time is over 300 minutes and is suitable for use on any computer, i-pod, mp3 player, or can be burned onto CD.

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