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  "Letting Go of Guilt and Strain"
Audio Book

Eric Butterworth

Order 60 minute mp3 format audio book for just $7.95 (immediate download.)

Book Description
Learn how to experience the abundant, happy life you are meant to live! Strain—or worry—and guilt are two of the most debilitating conditions we can enter into. Worry about jobs, finances, relationships and guilt over things done, if left undone, or not yet done greatly diminish the quality of life we are created to enjoy.

According to Eric Butterworth, we choose these conditions for ourselves, which is actually great news, because if we choose to live with them, we can choose to live without them!

"You can live without strain, always," contends Butterworth. "It doesn't mean moving away or getting out from under responsibilities or changing jobs. It means simply changing attitudes." In this program he explains how such attitudes can be changed.

Of guilt, he says, "There's no need for guilt—only for a constant urge to be superior to your former self." He guides you in transforming guilt to loving action.

These talks are Butterworth at his best, delivered with the insight, clarity, and humor that have earned him national renown as a speaker, teacher, and minister.