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Excerpts from

  Leave It To God, Just Be Glad,
On The Heights

(3 Books in 1)

by Christian D. Larson

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Book Description
Originally published as three seperate small books entitled
Leave It To God, Just Be Glad, and On The Heights.


WHEN we place our lives and our affairs under the direction of Infinite Wisdom, everything will be taken care of perfectly. This we all can understand; and we know, as an inner conviction, that nothing could be more evident. Indeed, it could not be otherwise. It is something we know with a positive assurance. It is something we may depend upon absolutely. Our spiritual discernment declares it; and experience proves it unmistakably. It is the outstanding promise of the high teachings of the ages; and, we go far to do this marvelous thing, when we think and say, with the whole of heart and soul, that "we leave it to God."

There can be neither misstep nor error at such a time; and no ill can come nigh our dwelling. Infinite Wisdom can guide and protect to the utmost. The best will come to pass; and all things will work out in the most harmonious and most successful manner. Our problems will be solved, and we will accomplish what we have in view. We will find what we seek, and our desires will be realized. Our needs will be provided for, promptly and adequately; and whatever our activities and aspirations may be, the outcome will be all that we could possibly wish for. It must be so; for God is not limited in any way. God does not postpone His goodness.

When we place our lives and our affairs under the direction of Infinite Wisdom, everything will change for the better; troubles and ills will decrease, and then vanish completely; obstacles will be removed, and the way cleared for the achievements and the demonstrations that we have in mind. Adversity will be transformed, and that which was against us will be for us. The crooked will be made straight; and all our activities will be brought into adjustment with divine law. All of this, and vastly more of like nature, we may expect when we leave it to God; when we place our lives and our affairs under the care and the guidance of the Spirit.

We all have sought ways and methods through which we might find freedom and peace, health and abundance, harmony and strength, light and understanding; ways and methods through which we might meet life in the best way, and realize the greatest measure of the good that life has to give. And, among the many ways and methods that have been found, there is one that excels them all: Leave it to God. All other methods have their service to perform, at the various steps and stages of our development; and they lead up to this greater method. We praise them all therefore; but as soon as we possibly can, we should turn to this one method that is always supreme; we should learn the secret of this remarkable statement: "Leave it to God."

When we leave it to God, we are directed by a power that is absolutely good, and that always works for the good. We are opening our lives to the One who knows all things, and can do all things. Anything that is good and great and wonderful may be expected, therefore, at such a time. Surely, all our affairs will be taken care of, in the most perfect and most successful manner, when Higher Power comes into life, into thought, into consciousness. There will, indeed, be a great transformation when the Supreme takes charge; when Divine Wisdom becomes our guide and inspiration; when the Great Light shines through. The clouds will pass; illness and weakness will disappear; we shall lack no good thing; and life will become richer and fairer than we ever visioned before.

To leave it to God is a marvelous thing, when we do so in the right spirit, and with understanding; when we know what this remarkable statement actually means; and when we can see clearly what takes place as we turn our lives and our affairs over into the keeping of the Supreme. We do not leave it all with God in the usual sense of that term. We do not cast our burdens upon the Lord with the thought that now there is nothing for us to do. We do not step aside with the hope that "God will attend to this." No, we do not step aside; nor do we entertain the belief, for a moment, that there is nothing more for us to do. There will be more for us to do than ever before; and, instead of stepping aside, we will go deeper and deeper into the work, the power and the glory of it all. No, it is not a matter of enlisting a higher power to do everything for us. That is not the idea. The true idea here is infinitely greater than that.

* * * * * * * *

WHEN we leave it to God, we move towards God, and with all the purpose and eagerness we possess; with all the soul and devotion that we can awaken. We take our affairs to God, where they can be acted upon by divine wisdom and higher power. We take ourselves to God, where we may come under the guidance of the Spirit and the inspiration of the Almighty. We respond to the principle that God works with those who work with God; and that the Spirit enters the lives of those who enter the Life of the Spirit. "Come unto me, saith the Lord, and I will come unto thee."

When we say with inner purpose and conviction, that we will leave it to God, we actually go to God in our thought; and we place our lives and our affairs in the wisdom that knows all things, and in the power that can do all things. We take our affairs into that power that can work them out in the best, the most successful and the most extensive manner. We take our problems into that wisdom that can see through everything instantly, and give the perfect answer at once. We take our own lives into that Life and Love that can transform every life completely; and that can enlarge, enrich and perfect every life even to the utmost degree.

To leave it to God, is to go to God, and to leave everything with Him; and, especially to leave ourselves with Him. It is to go into that state of nearness to the Spirit where we can respond absolutely to the highest. And how wonderfully well everything must work out when we fully respond to the highest. All things will work together for good at such a time; and the greatest and best will come to pass—on all levels of life. We will find more, secure more and realize more, by far, than we possibly could through any personal or merely human method. Indeed, we will, both in experience and accomplishment, go beyond anything we ever hoped for or visioned before.

To leave it to God, is to go so far into the light of the Spirit that we may open our minds to that light. Then, our thoughts will be divinely created. We will think the good, the true, the high and the perfect, in clearness and purity; and, as we think, so we become in mind, character, consciousness and personality; so we become in our physical conditions; so everything works out in our affairs. Our lives and our affairs, at such a time, will be directed and inspired by divine thinking; and the outcome must be the best conceivable.

When we leave it to God—which means going into the presence of God—we will be taken up into a larger and a brighter world; into a higher and a more perfect world. We will therefore, see more, know more, understand more, enjoy more and receive more. We will also achieve more, whatever our work may be, for we are working under the power and the wisdom of the Supreme. And we will be so near to the light of that wisdom, that we may see clearly where we should go, how we should act and what we should do. We will step into the right place; and we will do what is best for all concerned. The greatest good must come, whatever the situation may be; and everything will work out perfectly at the right time.

We can be positively assured that this is how it will be; and there need be no doubt, fear or anxiety over anything that may threaten to disturb or destroy. For, what are we actually doing when we leave it to God? We are placing ourselves in that position where the One who knows everything may direct our thoughts and activities; where the One who can do everything may work for us, and for the purpose we have in view. Anything, therefore, even the greatest and the most perfect conceivable, may be expected at such a time. Indeed, we should expect the utmost, in every way, as we go forth to use this marvelous method.

We can see clearly, as we examine this method, that it may be used upon every occasion that calls for added strength and wisdom; and in connection with every important event or circumstance that we may meet in life. The Spirit can add wisdom and power to it all. The light of the Spirit can clear it all. The love of the most High can bring harmony and peace. We may know, therefore, that everything will be taken care of when we leave it to God; and it will be taken care of in such a manner that greater joy and greater good will come to everyone. The Spirit does not bring the less of anything, but always the more. The Spirit does not bring pain or illness, loss or sorrow. The Spirit brings wholeness and life,  freedom and power, harmony and abundance. It is not the will of God that anyone should suffer, or be deprived of anything that is good and desirable in life. "It is the will of the Father to give us the kingdom." And the kingdom means the aggregation of every conceivable good in creation—and in limitless measure.

Such thoughts, and all similar thoughts, must lead invariably to the conclusion that we have here a method that is indispensable and invaluable. And that is true, whether we are in the midst of practical affairs, or interested in higher attainments. Many illustrations may be given as to how and where this method may be employed; and a few, among those that are especially helpful in our daily activities, may be mentioned in brief.

WHEN you are undecided as to when a certain thing is to be done, what plan you are to accept, or what part you are to play, remember, there is One who knows. Do not be fearful lest you make a serious mistake. Do not "rack your brain" for the answer. Leave it to God. Say so in deep sincerity, and in the feeling that you are doing this marvelous thing. Take those things up into the Light. You will soon know; or something will occur that will guide you perfectly in your decision. If there is delay, refuse to be impatient. Know it is for the best. It must be so, for the Highest has taken charge. Or, if everything develops quickly, accept that as the way it all should go. Proceed calmly in the faith that the entire situation is in the hands of the wisdom that knows.

When we meet what seems to be enmity or opposition, we will not become alarmed. We will not go out to battle, nor try to overpower this thing or the other. We will leave it to God. We will not be disheartened or discouraged when the world seems to be against us; when every friend seems to be gone; or, when adversity seems to have the upper hand. We will know that the Great Love can change all of this. We will open our lives to that Love. Then everything and everyone will be for us.

When there is something that others may wish you to do—something that you would rather not do, or that you think would be unwise—refuse to be concerned or disturbed. Do not say that you hope the matter will be dismissed, or that you are going to object. Say, instead, that you will leave it to God. And, whether it be a small matter, or something of vital significance, this wonderful step will clear it all. Something will happen that will change the situation to the greatest good for everyone. Or, you may suddenly feel the urge to do this thing—and be deeply grateful that you were given the privilege. And, if it be something monumental, or extremely difficult, you will be given the power and the understanding. We are released from the unwise when we go up to God; and we receive all necessary help for that which should be done.

When we meet losses or reverses, and when all doors seem to be closed against us, we will not fall down into gloom and despair. We will remember that God can open all doors for us—even those doors that open everywhere into infinity. We may regain our loss when we leave it to God. We may enter pastures green, and realize more than we ever visioned before. The doors of infinity open to realms that are vast, and to richness that is limitless. And, we all understand that the Spirit leads in that direction.

When we seem to have lost our way, and do not know where to turn; when situations are confusing, and darkness enfolds our world completely, we will not be dismayed nor fearful in the least. We will remember that God knows the way; and we may, even in the blackest of darkness, be led by the Spirit. There is a Light that is stronger than all the darkness in the universe. That Light can clear the way, and lead us directly into freedom and peace. It is, indeed, remarkable how soon darkness disappears, how soon the clouds pass, how soon confusions are stilled, how soon conditions adjust themselves and adversities change into blessings, when we can say, in perfect faith and sincerity of soul, "Leave it to God."

When you are tempted to be disturbed, disappointed or fearful over someone; or, if someone near you seems to be in danger, do not become alarmed. Meet it all in calmness and faith, and leave it to God. The Spirit can guide and protect—even to the utmost. The Spirit can lift and transform — even the one that seems farthest down. The Spirit can give life and strength and intelligence—even where these seem largely absent. The Spirit can heal and renew the body, quicken the mind, and set the soul on fire. We need never be concerned nor alarmed, therefore, over anyone at any time. We may expect everyone to be guided, protected and saved—and come forth in the most remarkable manner—when we leave it to God. But we must say, again and again, that we leave it to God; and actually feel, as we make this statement, that we are placing it all in the spirit of the Supreme.

We need not be anxious, fearful or concerned, about anyone or anything, when we leave it to God. And, indeed, how could we be fearful or anxious when we know that Infinite Wisdom and Goodness is in charge of our lives and affairs. We will, instead, develop a marvelous faith—a faith that comes from that supreme assurance that now all will be well; now, everything and everyone will be cared for and protected to the utmost. Surely, faith must grow and increase, to an amazing degree, when we realize that our lives are in the keeping of the One who knows everything and can do everything. And, to have such a faith is enormous gain. As our faith is, so shall it be. A great faith, therefore, can bring results beyond anything ever known before—even results that may seem to be the work of miracle power.

When you feel concerned over the life of someone who seems to be on the verge of passing on, declare, in high faith, that you leave it to God. The Spirit can heal and restore anyone at any time. That person will not pass on—when the Spirit takes charge. They will, instead, come forth into perfect health and full strength. They will "take up their bed and walk."

There is a general belief among many that God is eager to take away, to Himself, those whom we hold dear. But, we must teach our minds, positively, that God does not take anyone or anything away from us. God does not deprive anyone of anything that has worth and reality. The only things that we lose, when we go to God, are our ills and illusions. Indeed, if we would be safe and secure, and retain our friends and possessions, the one perfect way is to leave it to God. The wrong will be taken away, but the good will remain—and be multiplied, again and again, without end.

When we have obligations to meet, and the means are not at hand, we will not be fearful for a moment. We will meet the situation in calmness and faith—in the full faith that every need will be met if we look to the Spirit; or, that we will be led by the Spirit to that very place where we may find what we seek. We will leave it to God. We will place it all under the direction of Infinite Wisdom. We will know that Infinite Good can take care of everything—promptly and completely. We may rest assured in that sublime thought; for it will be so. There is enough and to spare of everything in the vast kingdom of the Great Good; and that kingdom is here and everywhere—closer to us all than life itself. We become conscious of it, and partake of its treasure, as we live a life of increasing nearness to God.


ALL things respond to the call of rejoicing; all things gather where life is a song. This is the message of the new order, the new life and the new time. It is the golden text of the great gospel of human sunshine. It is the central truth of that sublime philosophy of existence, which declares that the greatest good is happiness, and that heaven is here and now.

To live in the spirit of this wonderful message; to be a living example of this great gospel, to work out in everyday life the principle of this inspiring philosophy, the first and most important thing to do, is to lay aside our sorrows and glooms, and just be glad.

Whatever you are, or whatever has happened, just be glad. Be glad because you are here. You are here in a beautiful world; and all that is beautiful may be found in this world. It is a world wherein all that is rich in life may be enjoyed beyond measure; a world wherein happiness may overflow eternally in every human heart; a world wherein all the dreams of life may be realized, and all the visions of the soul made true. Then why should we not be glad; first of all that we are here; that we are in this world; that we may stay here for a long time if we so desire, and enjoy every minute to the full?

The real truth is that this world is nothing less than a limitless sea of happiness, the vastness and glory of which we are just beginning to know. And life itself is a song, while time is one eternal symphony. To be in tune with life, therefore, and to be in harmony with the endless music of time, we must of necessity be glad. But after we have learned, to be glad, under every circumstance, it is no longer a necessity; it is a privilege, and has become a part of our active, living, thinking self.

Just be glad, and you always will be glad. You will always have better reason to be glad. You will have more and more things to make you glad. For great is the power of sunshine, especially human sunshine. It can change anything, transform anything, remake anything, and cause anything to become as and beautiful as itself.

Just be glad and your fate will change; a new life will begin and a new future will dawn for you. All things that are good and desirable will begin to come into your world in greater measure, and you will be enriched far beyond your expectations, both from the without and from the within. And the cause of the change is this, that all things respond to the call of rejoicing; all things gather where life is a song.

When you are tempted to feel discouraged or disappointed, be glad instead. Know that you can, say that you will, and stand uncompromisingly upon your resolve. Be strong and be glad. For when strength and rejoicing combine in your soul, every trace of gloom or despair must disappear; because such conditions can exist only where weakness is the rule and mastery the exception.

Combine strength with rejoicing and you will exercise a magic power—you will possess a secret that will serve you royally no matter what your difficulties or obstacles may be. All joy is light; and it is the light that dispels the darkness.

When things are not to your liking, be glad nevertheless, for the glad heart can cause all things to be as we wish them to be. When things do not give you pleasure, proceed instead to create pleasure in your own heart and soul. And you can if you will always be glad. Besides, things will soon change for the better if you continue in the spirit of rejoicing.  It is the law that all good things will sooner or later  come and be, where the greatest happiness is to be found. Therefore, be happiness in yourself, regardless of times, seasons or circumstances.

When things do not please you, resolve to please yourself  by being glad, and you can add immeasurably to your happiness in this simple manner. Then you must remember that the fountain of joy within your own soul is infinitely greater than all external sources of joy combined. But as far as we can, we should add the joys from without to the joys from within, and in all things be glad.

Rejoice in your strength, rejoice in your talents and powers, rejoice in the wonders of your own nature. For there is far more in you than you ever dreamed. So whatever may come, you are greater than it all, richer than it all. And knowing this, why should you not be glad?

When evil befalls you, consider the fact that the good that is yet in your possession is many times as great as all the evil you could ever know. Consider this stupendous fact and be glad. Then remember, with rejoicing, that neither evil nor wrong can exist very long in the radiant sunshine of a glad triumphant soul.

If you have lost anything, have no regrets. Be glad and begin again. Be glad that you can begin again. Be glad to know that the future is always richer and better than the past if we only try to make it so. Then forget the loss, and rejoice in the fact that you have the power to secure something far better in return. You know that you have this power; then you can never be otherwise than glad.

Whatever comes or not, sing again and again the song of "the soul victorious"; and mean it with your whole heart. Enter into this song with all the power of mind and spirit, for it is always that which we know and sincerely believe that contains the greater worth and power.

When you resolve to be glad at all times and under every circumstance, resolve also to give your whole heart and soul to the spirit of your rejoicing. Give power to gladness, and give life to your song. Open the way for all the sunshine of your soul; and see that every sunbeam from within be one of power as well as one of joy.

It is the full joy of the soul that makes the heart young and the mind great. For as it is in nature, so it is also in man. It is the full glory of the noonday sun that quickens the earth, that makes the fields green, that causes the flowers to bloom. Where the sun is strong all growth is luxurious and all nature bountiful. It is the same when the sunshine of the soul is full, strong and constant in the daily life of man. So therefore rejoice with great joy. Rejoice always and give life and power to your joy.

There is magic in the sunshine of the soul; there if a charmed power in the radiant splendor of a beaming countenance. Such a countenance can dispel anything that may threaten to give disappointment or dismay. So remember to be glad and mean it. It is the greatest remedy in the world, and the greatest protector in the world. It can harm nothing for it turns all wrong into right. It is the sunshine from within that causes all darkness to cease to be. It therefore brings good to everybody, and he who is always glad is always adding to the welfare of every member of the race.

When fate seems unkind, do not be unkind to yourself  by becoming disheartened or dismayed. Instead, rejoice in the great fact that you are greater and stronger than any fate; that you have the power to master your whole life, and determine your destiny according to your own invincible will. Then resolve that you will begin at once to prove that strength, and cause all the elements of fate to come with you, and work with you in building for that greater future which you have so often longed for in your visions and dreams.

Therefore, whatever your fate may be, just be glad. You can change it all. And as you proceed to exercise this divine right, the darkness of today will become the sunshine of tomorrow, and the disappointments of the present will become the pastures green of the future.


WHEN we transcend the world of things and begin to live on the borderland of the splendor and immensity of the cosmic world, we discover that the vision of the soul was true. Those lofty realms that we have dreamed of so often and so long are dreams no more; we find those realms to be real, the prophetic visions of our sublime moments are fulfilled, and our joy is great beyond measure.

The soul no longer dwells in the limitations of personal form, but is awakened to the glory and magnificence of its own divine existence.

The mind is illumined by the light of the great eternal sun, and the body becomes the consecrated temple of the spirit. The ills of life take flight, the imperfect passes away, and we find ourselves in a new heaven and a new earth.

Beautiful beyond description is the new life we have now begun to live; every moment is an eternity of bliss, and to livesimply to livethat is sufficient. We can ask for nothing more; we have received everything that the heart can wish for; we are in that higher world where every prayer is answered, where every desire is granted, where every need is abundantly supplied; we are ON THE HEIGHTS, where God is closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.

It is the world beautiful, the world into which the Christ ascended when his face did shine as the sun and his garment became white as the light; "And where I am there ye shall be also." The gates are ajar, we may enter today and dwell therein while still in personal form. It is the sublime world of the life eternal, and when we enter that life, it is then we begin to live.

To enter this beautiful world is to find the joy everlasting, the peace that passeth understanding, the harmony that is endless symphonies divine; and as the soul is touched by these symphonies of heaven, we mount upon the wings of the spirit and soar to empyrean heights.

The veil of mystery is taken away, we meet Him face to face, and the great secret is revealed. "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man what God has prepared for them that love Him;" but now we are ON THE HEIGHTS, far beyond the life of mere man, and we have seen what eternity has in store. The supreme significance of life is revealed, and when we think that this is lifeour own eternal lifeour hearts are filled with unbounded thanksgiving.

Henceforth we have something to live for, existence itself has become an endless inspiration; everything is animated with a great divine purpose, nothing is in vain, all is beautiful and all is good.

We have entered into the realization of the great truth that "God's in his heaven, all's right with the world," and again our hearts are filled with unbounded thanksgiving.

The world into which we have ascended is God's own world; it is the real world, the true world, the world of the spirit where all things are created in the likeness of God. Therefore, in that world, all is right and all is well. It is the world of spiritual existence, where the eye is too pure to see anything but that which is good, where the mind is too luminous to know anything but that which is truth, where the body is too wholesome to feel anything but that which is health and purity. It is the world of complete emancipationthe great inheritance that eternity holds in store for man.

But this inheritance is not simply for the eternities that are to be; it is for all eternitiesthe eternity that now is and the eternities that are to be. It is the kingdom of heaven that is now at hand, the kingdom that shall evermore be at hand, and we may enter its many mansions when we begin to live ON THE HEIGHTS.

Walking With God.

My God, my Father, I am Thine;
Thy heavenly riches all are mine;
Thy spirit reigns within my heart,
From Thee my soul cannot depart.

Wher'er I go, I walk with Thee,
Upon my path. Thou leadest me
In all my ways Thou art my guide.
For Thou art ever at my side.

I live in Thee, and think Thy thought,
In every deed Thy power is sought,
I consecrate my life to Thee,
And all is ever well with me.

Spiritual Vision
WHEN we ascend to the heights and begin to live in the luminous splendor of the cosmic, our spiritual vision is opened to the great truth that "there is another and a better world." This better world is the home of the soul, the kingdom of the spirit, and the celestial city on high. It is not a far away place but a realm of the spirit here and now. Its jasper walls, its golden streets and its crystal spires - all may be found on the shining shores of the great within.

That better world is not simply for some future state of being, it is the home of the soul today, and when the soul is awakened to the splendor and beauty of its own sublime existence, we shall find that this spiritual kingdom is our home now. Though we may manifest ourselves in the world of things, we are living in the world of the spirit, and to know that we are living in the spirit - that indeed is life.

To live ON THE HEIGHTS is to be in harmony with all the world. In this transcendent realm we are in spiritual touch with the divine side of every living creature. We see all things as they are in the true reality of being, and in the light of this reality all is beautiful and all is well. There are no imperfections ON THE HEIGHTS; nothing to censure, nothing to condemn; love is the law of life, and to love all things at all times is a joy that cannot be measured.

In this higher world, to live is to love, and since life is boundless, love is boundless; therefore to love is to love everybody. The love that is boundless goes to all things, encircles all things and loves all things. We feel its exquisite tenderness the very moment we are on the verge of the heights, and with the prophets of other days, we declare from the very depth of the heart, it is good to be here. We are treading upon holy ground and we know that the kingdom is at hand.

When we enter the kingdom we learn the beautiful secret of love; we then understand those loving words of the Christ, "Come unto me and I will give you rest;" for the soul abides forever in the arms of Infinite Love, and this is the rest that is in store Well may the prophet proclaim in language divine, "There is another and a better world"

This better world is the secret places of the Most High, that inner state of divine being where we enter into oneness with the Infinite, and meet Him face to face. It is the true house of prayer, the temple of God, the sacred tabernacle of the soul. To enter therein is to walk with God - to feel that He protects us and keeps us, and to know that He is with us always, even unto the end of the world.

To dwell in the secret places of the Most High is to live under the guidance of the Almighty; therefore no ill can befall us; we cannot go wrong; we are led by the spirit and the spirit invariably leads towards the heights. What we may desire to know we shall be given the wisdom to know; what we may desire to do we shall be given the power to do, because God is with us, and with God all things are possible.
To be led by the spirit is to be led into greater and greater good always; the spirit leads away from the ills of life into the greater joys of life; the ways of the spirit are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace; and the ways of the spirit shall be our ways when we begin to live ON THE HEIGHTS.

"Leave It To God, Just Be Glad, On The Heights"
(3 Books in 1)

by Christian D. Larson

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