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Excerpts from

New Dimensions of the Mind
by Anthony Norvell

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Book Description
This book shows you how to use the metaphysical miracle power of your mind to achieve any desired result in life. It shows how you may use this power to magnetize and attract yourself to money, add strength, youth and vitality to your body, sway and convince others, and much more. It shows how you may use this power to literally command the secret forces of nature and cause them to bend to your will!


For the first time in my twenty-five years of lecturing and teaching at world-famous Carnegie Hall in New York City, I am presenting the accumulation of my studies of ancient secrets from India, China, Tibet, and the Philosophers of the Golden Age of Greece, in one, simple, practical and easy-to-understand book which can help you change your life for the better.

How To Use Your Metaphysical Miracle Power will do the following things for you:

1. You will be able to perform miracles in your own life, just as the Master Metaphysician Jesus, the Buddha, Confucius and other great philosophers and teachers have in the past. There are many different forms of miracles, from healing the sick body to the healing of mental and emotional disturbances, healing of social sickness, healing of financial ailments, and the healing of unhappiness, discontent and fear and worry.

2. You will learn how to release your mind from the limit­ations of matter and soar into the inspiring and lofty realm of the spiritual dimensions of life. Here it is that all the great souls of history have received their Divine Inspiration and Intuitive Guid­ance for achieving their high goals.

3. You will discover for the first time that there is a Mir­acle-working Power within you, which you tap for every purpose in life. This Miracle-worker which guided such geniuses as Columbus, Newton, da Vinci, Michelangelo, Lincoln, Edison, Pasteur and Burbank is ready to do your bidding, when you once learn how to tap this astounding power. You will change the course of your own destiny just as these geniuses changed the course of history for all mankind, when you once get on the spiritual wave-length of greatness which this book charts.

4. You will be guided step by step to the unfoldment of your own higher spiritual and mental gifts. You will become an ex­traordinary person when you once learn the method for unfolding the three minds that are encompassed by your own consciousness. Most people live one-dimensional lives and they never know the pure joy of an expanded Cosmic Consciousness that comes to those who discover the four dimensions of life which this book explores.

5. You will learn how to tap the secret hidden treasure troves of the invisible universe which can bring you illimitable wealth and success. What great Metaphysical Secrets did such men as Rockefeller, Morgan, Baruch, Vanderbilt and Astor possess? Why could these men accumulate hundreds of millions of dollars? This book will reveal how you may tap a power that is behind all material riches. The Metaphysical Aladdin’s Lamp of Riches will be placed in your hands. How you use this tremendous power is up to you!

6. You will be shown how the great Mystics and Masters of the Far East were able to literally command the secret forces of life and cause them to bend to their will. Do you want to control other people for good? Do you long to have power over the erratic forces of nature? Do you want to project a sense of mastery and magnetism over those you meet? This dynamic principle of universal command and control is given fully in this book. It is the first time it has ever been given in printed form to the general public!

7. This book reveals God’s secret of creation; it shows how you may use the same Divine Principle of Creativity that will cause you to create in the image and likeness of that which you hold in your consciousness. You can energize the creative idea that you hold in your mind and produce its exact counterpart in the outer, objective world.

8. You will be shown the Metaphysical Brain Projector prin­ciple which reveals how you can project your innermost dreams and aspirations and see them become clothed in the garments of reality. You can become a creative giant through this principle alone.

9. Do you want to change your personality for the better? Improve your appearance? Add strength, youth and vitality to your body? This book reveals a Metaphysical Principle from Tibet and China known as the Moon-blending and Sun-blending exercises. People have used this principle alone to perform seem­ing miracles of transformation in their lives.

10. Learn about the Mirror-scope of your mind; how it can act as a giant electronic telescope or microscope, and give you an expanded consciousness which encompasses the entire universe. Just as man has expanded his horizons in his attempts to conquer space, so too, when you harness this tremendous Metaphysical Concept of the Mirror-scope, you can enlarge the horizons of your life and include universal vistas that bring you greater joy, success and fulfillment.

11. Do you resent the eight hours a night that are spent in sleep? Learn through this book how you can harness those extra eight hours a night, and take fantastic astral journeys into the dimensions of the past, present or future and explore hidden secrets of other planets, other ages, other races and cultures with your Astral Body or higher mind. What man calls dreams can now be controlled and directed into fertile fields of Metaphy­sical inquiry that yield rich and rewarding results. Improve the memory, learn foreign languages, discover new worlds through this dream-projection method.

12. Learn how to perform the daily miracles of solving problems, living in harmony with others, and attracting to yourself the friends and loved ones that you desire.

13. Learn how you may enter the Mystical Land of Shangri-La where you can achieve a state of Spiritual Exaltation which makes you impervious to external pain and discomfort. What great power do the mystics of India possess that can cause them to lie on a bed of nails or walk on red-hot coals and feel no pain?

14. Learn John D. Rockefeller Sr.’s “Crammed, jammed pocket-full-of-money theory.” which has its entire basis in Metaphysics. You need never be in want again the rest of your life if you once master this tremendous secret.

15. Discover the Art of Premonstration and Demonstration which can make you externalize conditions and things that you hold within the spiritual center of your being. Instantaneous miracles are possible for those who learn this great power.

16. Unlock your own higher Psychic and Prophetic gifts and learn the art of Precognition, or foretelling the future. How does the bee know how to build its six-sided honeycomb? What inner intelligence tells the caterpillar how to weave its cocoon and become a butterfly? This divine intuition is within your mind; discover how to use this great power.

17. Find out how you may use the miracle-healing power of Divine Mind through the spiritual forces of Faith and Prayer. The same technique that the Master Metaphysician Jesus used for his amazing miracles of healing is known today and may be used by those who know how to invoke the power of Divine Mind.

18. Learn how you may magnetize and attract to yourself money, jobs, material things, people and conditions that you wish to have in your life. The dynamic law of Mental and Spiritual Magnetism works miracles in the lives of those who know how to use it.

19. Learn how to plant spiritual Seed Money and reap a harvest of abundance and plenty. The tithing principle that is revealed by the Mystics of the Far East works wonders for those who are trying to demonstrate more money and greater success in their lives.

20. Discover and utilize the Ten Dynamic Mental and Spiri­tual Laws that can work modern miracles for you. These dynamic laws are based on ancient knowledge that goes back to the time of the great Pharaohs in Egypt. The art of Transmutation, the secret power of Transfiguration, the Miracle of Utilization, all these dynamic forces can help you perform modern miracles.

21. The Illimitable Realm of the Cosmos is explored in this book which shows you how you may attune your mind and soul to the greatest geniuses of the ages. You may duplicate their astounding mental and physical feats and find yourself in posses­sion of Cosmic Power that will astound you. Michaelangelo,

Marco Polo, Columbus, Edison, Plato, Socrates and Burbank, all the great geniuses of history had Cosmic Consciousness. Learn how to tune in on illimitable mental and spiritual power.

22. You will be shown how to channelize the greatest power in the universe through the six basic emotions that you possess. Through these emotions you will learn how to create inspiration, dynamic energy and creative gifts and talents that will truly delight and amaze you. The greatest things in the world were created by man through the spiritual fire released by the great emotion of Love. Learn how to harness this dynamic power.

23. Study and apply the Master Mind Principles that were used by all the great mystics, prophets and teachers. When these Master Mind Principles are fully understood one can become a Master of life and perform miracles of healing, demonstrations and achievements that are not possible for ordinary mortals.

24. Learn and perform the fifteen ways that you can use the Metaphysical Miracle Power of your Higher Mind to bring you wealth and success. One decision made a million for one man; you can duplicate these principles in your life.

25. Study the TEN GOLDEN KEYS that can help you un­lock the doors to life’s most profound mysteries. Learn how nature lavishes her abundance on those who are in tune with her dynamic mental and spiritual laws. There are billions of dollars of resources open to all human beings who are aware of this secret.

26. Create the miracle of vital good health and long life by tapping the dynamic solar and atomic energy of the universe. Some people in the Himalayas are said to be two hundred years of age; what are the secrets of their long-life and vitality? Tap the power of your higher mind which can reveal these priceless secrets of long life, energy and rejuvenation through dynamic, vitally breathing, right diet, and spiritual exercises.


Throughout history there have been great and illumined souls who have been able to use the power of their higher minds to perform seeming miracles. These men and women used a Cosmic Force which is in the universe and which anyone may use, when he once learns how to focus this higher power within his own mind.

There are stupendous miracles such as healing the sick; causing the blind to see; making the crippled walk, but these are not the only miracles with which we are concerned in this Metaphysical study.

There are the little, every-day miracles, which you may begin to perform immediately that relate to your health, to your work, to increasing your income, to finding happiness in love and marriage and to healing your mind of confusion, discord, and unhappiness, so that you may find inner peace and security.

You will learn in this study that you too may become a miracle-worker; that you may wave the mental wand of Faith and create out of the substance of your thoughts and inner dreams the concrete things that you desire in your life.

You may tap the power of this higher Cosmic Mind and create magnificent works, even as did the geniuses of the past who used this Miracle-working power. Beethoven used this higher mind within to create beautiful music, even though he was deaf; Edison tapped this power of the higher Cosmic Mind within and created over three hundred inventions, from the motion picture camera to the electric light bulb, which bless our lives today. Edison used the power which we shall study together, and there is no reason why YOU may not achieve greatness through this self-same Metaphysical power.

Lincoln was a miracle-worker, and although a martyr, like Gandhi and John F. Kennedy, he brought the miracle of unity and greatness to a strife-ridden nation.

J.P. Morgan was a financier and industrialist, but he used the Metaphysical Miracle power which we shall study together to build one of the great financial empires of all time. This miracle power is not dead today; it is still being used by men like Paul G. Getty and Howard Hughes, Ford and Rockefeller to create wealth that not only benefits the ones who create it, but also blesses the world through the public libraries they endow, the research foundations they create and the artistic gifts and treasures which they give to our great art galleries and museums.

The Miracles of Lourdes are well known, and I have stood in the sacred Grotto and I have seen the discarded crutches, wheel chairs and braces that the sick have left there when their miracles of healing came and they walked away healed by a miracle power that worked for them, but which does not seem to work for others.

The spectacular miracles that the Master Metaphysician Jesus performed, and which we see at places like Lourdes, are not the only evidences that this Metaphysical Miracle Power exists and may be tapped by ordinary mortals; there are other evidences in our own age that this power is alive today and may be used to heal millions of still unborn persons and to save the lives of hundreds of millions today. Salk used this higher Miracle Power to develop his vaccine for polio; Fleming developed penicillin through this higher intuitive mind; Mme. and M. Curie dis­covered radium by listening to the inner Cosmic Voice that guided them; and Pasteur certainly was a miracle-worker une­qualled in history for the perception that caused him to perfect the use of vaccines in the treatment and prevention of disease. The miracles that Buddha and Jesus performed through the use of Metaphysics were indeed formidable; they seemed to set aside the natural laws of the universe and to bring into mental focus some higher, dynamic spiritual law that worked miracles. How­ever, this power did not end with them; this miracle-working power is still alive today and may be tapped by any person who will spend a few hours studying the principles and spiritual laws set forth in this book.


Today, as never before, we live in an age of modern miracles. Jesus walked on the surface of the sea, but modern man not only skims over the surface of the sea, but is able to swim hundreds of feet below the water in his modern atomic submarines and sail around the world without resurfacing.

Through the miracle of the ether waves man is able to project his voice and sights and sounds thousands of miles through time and space. The miracles of radio, television, Cinerama, and telestar prove that man lives in the midst of a vast Cosmic Sea of intelligence which will respond to his own dynamic thought cur­rents and bring him amazing miracles of sights and sounds which would have been impossible a hundred years ago.

The modern electronic telescope is a twentieth century miracle which reveals the invisible world that exists in another dimension of time and space. Through the miracle of extrasensory percep­tion man may discover another dimension of mental and spiritual power in which he may unlock mystical doors to secrets of the past and future. The higher Cosmic Mind within you is more powerful than the electronic telescope; it was that higher mind which invented this electronic marvel!

What of the miracles of modern automobiles, trains, jet planes, atomic power, super-speed highways, modern chemical and in­dustrial inventions that gave us new products like plastics and nylon, and a thousand other substances which give us luxuries and comforts in this miracle age that no other age in history has ever been blessed with?

Truly, we live in an age of miracles!

Now let us study together how you also may tap this mir­acle-working power of Metaphysics and channel it in your own mind so you, too, may become a miracle-worker and create for yourself and your loved ones the destiny that you desire.

Order complete book in Adobe PDF eBook or printed form for $9.95 (+ printing charge)