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Excerpts from
  Maximize Your Mental Powers
by David J. Schwartz

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Book Description
Millions of people throughout the world have improved their lives using books by Dr. David J. Schwartz, long regarded as one of the foremost experts on motivation. His teachings will help you sell better, manage better, earn more money, and -- most important of all -- find greater happiness and peace of mind.

Maximize Your Mental Power is an inspirational guide which shows you how to realize your potential and get what you want out of life. . . 

Friends, influence, money, good health, love and romance - these are not unrealistic expectations of life and they are all possible once you have realized your full potential.

In this inspirational book, David Shwartz provides a groundbreaking formula to convert wisdom into successful living. Learn how to plan, organize and control your mental power and discover just how easy it can be to get everything you want out of life.


Book Contents


Chapter 1— How You can Have A Larger Share Of The Better Things In Life

Chapter 2 — How To Break The Bonds Of Psychological Slavery

Chapter 3 — How To Use Psychic Power To Gain Help From Others

Chapter 4 — How To Stop Worrying And Start Living Again

Chapter 5 — Using Psychic Power To Dominate And Control Others

Chapter 6 — How To Gain Courage And Overcome Fears That Are Holding You Back

Chapter 7 — How To Get Ahead Faster By Thinking Bigger

Chapter 8 — How To Psychic Conditioning To Get Everything You Want Out Of Life

Chapter 9 — How To Triple Your Mental Prowess And Let Your Brain Make You Rich
Chapter 10 — How To Consolidate Your Psychic Power And Increase Its Benefits Every Year Of Your Life


How This Book Can Bring You Wealth and Success Through the Magic of Mental Power

This is not an ordinary book. It was not prepared for you to read casually and then pass on to a friend or place on a shelf, never to read again. Maximize Your Mental Power is an extraordi­nary guide to the practical conversion of wisdom into successful living.

Most people — and you are not one of them or you would not be reading this book — most people have utter contempt for that miraculous instrument we call the psyche. The typical person allows this marvelous instrument to go uncared for, undeveloped, uncontrolled.

Such a magnificent thinking apparatus as your brain should guarantee you happiness, prosperity, peace of mind, and success in anything you want to do. It is amazing that there is poverty in a world inhabited by people with psychic power. Harnessing just a fraction of this tremendous influence would erase the problems of man. But poverty is the most tangible example we have that we do not apply wisdom.

I have witnessed many miracles. I have witnessed the joyous miracle of a young lady confined to a wheel chair attend and succeed in completing college. I have seen the inspiring miracle of an individual with very ordinary background fight insurmount­able odds only to win, achieve, and become head of a large cor­poration. I have seen the thrilling miracle of an individual who had "no chance" rise above and succeed on a grand scale. I have seen miracles in which poor people became rich, sick people be­came well, little people became big people, defeated people found victory!

But I have also witnessed many miracles of an opposite nature. A miracle is an unusual, unexplainable event. I have seen, for example, the disappointing miracle of a young man born in an upper class family committed to a home for alcoholics before he was thirty. I have seen the tragic miracle of a university grad­uate, a successful, practicing attorney with a fine family, commit suicide. I have seen the disgusting miracle of a young man with an IQ of 140 drift along in a very mediocre job while all around him our society cries for talented men to move up and beyond. I have seen revolting "miracles" lying in the gutters of our big cities.

In fact, it may be a bigger miracle that people fail than that they succeed. Our world today is built in such a way as to almost guarantee success to those who put forth the right kind of intel­ligent effort.

1. This book shows you how to obtain riches beyond your most fantastic dreams.


2. This book leads the way to a systematic reorganization of your thinking processes to help you make up for lost time and lost effort.


3. This book shows you hundreds of shortcuts to take to arrive at your destination faster.


4. To you, who seem to have gotten bogged down in a situ­ation in which you are not moving upward, this book will help you discover why and then how to bring about the corrective action.


5. To you, who are troubled with all the many problems of life, this book shows simple but amazingly effective solutions.


6. To you, who want to get more excitement, more positive thrills from life; to you, who want to conquer the boredom and enjoy life, this book shows how.

7. And for those of you who seem to lose more often than you win, this book shows a positive method for winning all the time and never losing.

Hundreds of people who have applied the philosophy ex­plained in detail in this book have learned how to make more money, find more happiness, sell more, rear children more effec­tively, manage better, influence people, and in many, many other ways get on top of life and make life work for them.

As you read this book, I want you to be alone — physically and spiritually alone. It is a law that genuine wisdom is revealed to us in solitude. Wisdom does not jump out of a TV set into your brain and then into your pattern of behavior. All great thinkers spend considerable periods of time alone, physically and spir­itually apart from other people.

Today you often hear people refer to the "Knowledge Ex­plosion." Every ten years it is necessary to double the amount of library space just to house new knowledge. But, unfortunately, while knowledge is expanding at a fantastic rate, practical wis­dom — the kind that brings inner satisfaction, love, money, and other good things — is not. Keen, sharp, shrewd wisdom is still in very short supply. Yet, we know this: if we are wise, we are happy. If we are wise, we are successful.

If you are a thinking person, if you are receptive to a for­mula for converting wisdom into mental power, this book is for you. If you are tired of being a psychological slave, if you are dis­gusted with mediocrity, if you are disappointed with your past results, then, my friend, get busy now, right now, for an experi­ence that will alter forever your thought processes.

As a beginning point, remember this: When God made you, he immediately threw away the formula. No one else in this entire world is like you. You are unique. No one else is your equal.

Order this book in Adobe PDF eBook or printed form for $7.95 (+ printing charge)