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Excerpts from

Riches Are Your Right

Joseph Murphy

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Book Description
This is a book full of powerful affirmations for Health; Wealth, Relationships, and Self-Expression.
The idea behind these techniques is pretty simple. Most of use grow up learning to put ourselves down for any real or imagined error. We grow up beleiving certain things about ourselves or comparing ourselves negatively to others. The use of positive affirmations is a technique to change that negative self-talk into something more positive. Since we've spent many years on the negative image it's unreasonable to expect an instant effect from affirmations, but if we stick to it for a few days, with honesty, trust, and belief, then results will start to happen.



How to Apply the Healing Principle; Prayer for Health; Wearing His Garment; The Quiet Mind; Mental Poise; The Peace of God; The Gift of God; Controlling My Emotions; Overcoming Fear; The Holy Temple.


God is the Eternal Now; The Way of Prayer; How To Realize the Abundant Life; The Prayer of Faith; The Abundant Life; Imagination, the Workshop of God; God's Will For Me; Abide in the Silence; To Be, To Do, and To Have.

PART THREE - LOVE, PERSONALITY, HUMAN AND FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS God's Broadcast; Spiritual Rebirth; Love Frees; The Secret Place; Overcoming Irritation; Prayer of Gratitude; How to Attract the Ideal Husband; How to Attract the Ideal Wife; Divine Freedom; Prayer For World Peace.


Predicting My Future; My Destiny; Impregnating the Sub-conscious Mind; The Balanced mind; The Creative Word; The Scientific Prayer; The Divine Answer; Prayer for Your Business; Right Action; The Resurrection Of My Desire Achieving My Goal; Business Problems; Principle In Business; How To Solve Your Problems; Steps To Success; The Triumph Of Prayer.


The first step in the mental acceptance of your idea, desire, or image is to relax, immobilize the at­tention, get still, and quiet. This quiet, relaxed, peace­ful attitude of mind prevents extraneous matter and false ideas from interfering with the mental absorption of your ideal; furthermore in the quiet, passive, re­ceptive attitude of mind effort is reduced to a mini­mum. In this relaxed manner affirm slowly and quietly several times a day the following:

"The perfection of God is now being ex­pressed through me. The idea of health is now filling my subconscious mind. The image God has of me is a perfect image, and my subcon­scious mind recreates my body in perfect ac­cordance to the perfect image held in the mind of God."

This is a simple, easy way of conveying the idea of perfect health to your subconscious mind.


Jesus said, "Thy faith hath made thee whole."

"I positively believe in the Healing Power of God within me. My conscious and subconscious mind are in perfect agree-ment. I accept the statement of truth which I positively affirm. The words I speak are words of spirit and they are truth."

"I now decree that the Healing Power of God is transforming my whole body making me whole, pure, and perfect. I believe with a deep, inner certitude that my prayer of faith is being manifest now. I am guided by the Wisdom of God in all matters. The Love of God flows in transcendent beauty and loveli­ness into my mind and body, trans-forming, restor­ing, and energizing every atom of my being. I sense the peace that passeth understanding. God's Glory surrounds me, and I rest forever in the Everlasting Arms."