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Excerpts from

  Success Cybernetics
by U. S. Anderson

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Book description
Cybernetics is a magic word today. It has changed American life more than anything else and you can use it to change yours. This book will teach you how to program your brain with techniques and ideas that will allow it to operate at its highest capacity - and you will solve problems and attain your ambitions with scientific precision.

Don’t look for gentle handholding in this book. The reader is called to the carpet for not taking action and attaining success where desired. This is not your 21st century coddling politically-correct self-help text. The author is particularly harsh on religion, especially Christianity (although he takes many shots at Buddhism and Taoism). If you can get past that, there is some extremely useful information here.

Cybernetics is the science of feedback loops. Try something - then evaluate the results - then make adjustments - then try again. Andersen encourages using this idea for your life. If an action isn’t producing the desired results, try something else. Eventually, you will get on the right track, everything will become automatic, and the success loop will re-enforce itself. He promotes this simple idea through many motivating and colorful stories.

A Word from the Author

This book will shock you. It will make you roaring mad. It will absolutely delight you. It will make you laugh so hard you’ll hold your sides. It will intrigue you. It will get you so excited that you jump up and down. It will give you so much horsepower that steam will shoot out of your ears. It will open your eyes. You’ll see a brand new world. You’ll find a strange machine hidden in your head. And you’ll learn how to use that machine to help you get the things you want.

Two things this book won’t do: It won’t bore you, and it won’t make you sad. After you read it, you’ll be done with those forever.

It’s about a new science, but in a way, it’s about me. Training people is my business, and this new science enables me to do it. You’ll find me scattered everywhere through these pages, because I have to tell you what’s happened to me and what’s happened to the people I’ve trained and how I got to be the way I am and how they got to be the way they are—in order for you to see exactly how to use this new science to help you get the things you want. It can do that and more. It can help you be smarter, healthier, more vigorous, more skillful. It can help you be stronger, more self-reliant, more creative. It can help you communicate better, persuade better, lead better. It can help you overcome adversity, attract opportunity, achieve happiness.

If you’re a man, it’s going to be the best news you’ve ever heard. If you’re a woman, you may not like it. You’d better read it anyway. Because when it hits the market, there are suddenly going to be a lot of men around, and you’d better get used to how they’re going to behave. Once they get here, you’ll like the book. You’ll realize you’ve been missing something all along.

Don’t let the word cybernetics throw you. It’s just a word, and by the time you get through with this book, it won’t be any more complicated than cat. The important thing to understand right now is that it’s a method for becoming sane—very sane. Clear-eyed sane. Crystal-clear sane. It’s a method for seeing exactly what’s in the world and how to put the pieces together to get the things you want.

I don’t have to tell you that there are all kinds of people. All kinds is the kind that I’ve trained. I’ve trained presidents of corpora­tions, scrubwomen, and waiters. I’ve trained actors and politicians, housewives and artists. I’ve trained mechanics and longshoremen, sailors and soldiers. I’ve trained lawyers and bankers, actresses and models. I’ve trained clerks and typists and secretaries and stenogra­phers. I’ve trained cops and convicts, cowboys and lumberjacks. I’ve trained tool makers and architects, salesmen and engineers. I’ve trained bootblacks and ditch-diggers and news vendors and care­takers. I’ve trained cab drivers and bellhops and bartenders and belly dancers. I’ve trained pilots and stewardesses, government workers and club women. I’ve trained doctors and dentists, teachers and students. I’ve trained scientists and philosophers, writers and musicians. I’ve trained blind men and deaf men and men without legs.

That’s a pretty fair cross section. It entitles me to say I know something about people. What I know about them is this: They all can be better. They all can be saner, more effective, and much hap­pier—and that’s just what they become with Success Cybernetics.

You won’t find this a treatise or an argument for a philosophy. You’re going to be in my head and in the heads of the people I’ve trained. You’re going to attend seminars and lectures, training pro­grams and bull sessions. Sometimes you’re going to be me, some­times somebody else. You’re going to sit in offices and bars and houses and conference rooms. You’re going to ride airplanes and automobiles, bulldozers and trucks. You’re going to see séances and magic, fraud and illusion. You’re going to laugh yourself sick at the things people do. You’re going to work in a logging camp, be a deckhand on a freighter. You’re going to pilot an airplane and get stuck on a wall. You’re going to shuffle cards and tell your own fortune. You’re going to get drunk and be struck by a thought. You’re going to think your way into the inside of trees. You’re going to have a diamond in your head that grows hour by hour. You’re going to watch a naked dancer jump over a table. You’re going to turn people into magnets and put a horse in an office. You’re going to fish and shoot ducks and set off explosions. You’re going to be hypnotized and wake up clear-eyed and grinning. You’re going to wake up sounder and saner than ever before. You’re going to find a world full of joy, drama, and laughter. You’re going to get your­self excited. You’re going to stay excited. And you’ll never be un-excited again.



Here’s a wonderful new system of self-development based upon the most recent discoveries of the brain sciences and their close relationship to the computer sciences.

In this book, U. S. Andersen shows you how your brain and nervous system are un­der the automatic control of your “Mental Computer”—and gives you scores of “com­puter instruction” techniques for program­ming this mental computer to automatically increase your skills and performance in any area you choose!

Just as a computer can be programmed, you, too, can rapidly program a “guidance system” and a “power mechanism” into your brain and nervous system—and quickly combine the two into an automatic data processing unit that instantly emits spon­taneous success responses to all outside problems.

Cramming his book full of true case his­tories from his own experience in training people, U. S. Andersen gives you a unique approach to solving all your problems . . . handling people more easily . . . and build­ing automatic success habits into your life through mental programming.

Within these pages you’ll discover:

• How to program your mental computer to unleash your greatest potential—un­der all circumstances and in any situa­tion—and quickly become a winner!

• How to create a power mechanism that turns on your energies and enthusiasm full blast. How to like yourself—enjoy yourself—while blasting full speed ahead to your targets!

• How to program the Success Mecha­nism into your nervous system so that you respond to signals in the same man­ner as a guided missile. You’ll be astonished at the speed, power and control you’ll develop!

• How to use programming techniques to constantly improve your skills and abil­ities, based on a breathtaking, new dis­covery about how the brain functions!

• How to “compute” ideas that are pro­ductive and useful and put money into your pocket—and how to cast off worth­less ideas!

• How to run your mental data cards through your psychic “scanner” and find quick solutions to unsolvable prob­lems!

• How to “keypunch” your mental data cards to attract opportunity into your mental computer. Throw luck out the window once and for all. Become a magnet for enterprises that are destined for success!

• How to operate your mental computer to gain lasting happiness—how to use it to make others happy—how to not only succeed, but how to have fun do­ing it!

. . . plus much, much more!

Yes, just as machine “cybernetics” is rev­olutionizing the technological world, so brain “cybernetics” is revolutionizing the world of man’s performance . . . because it synchronizes your goals with the automatic responses which will achieve them for you.

Machine cybernetics already has taken man into outer space. Human cybernetics seems certain to uncover the vast potentials of his inner world—unlocking immense pow­ers of the mind!

Order complete book in Adobe PDF eBook or printed form for $11.95 (+ printing charge)