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Excerpts from

  Supreme Forces of Mind
Delmer Eugene Croft

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Book Description
This series of Lectures is intended to inspire you with right thinking, that you may awaken within you the divine force which thinks, understands, wills, acts, creates, reveals and glorifies those things which can never die, that your mind may become a limit­less source of joyous energy attracting to you and all around you health, wealth and happiness.


LECTURE 1 - Supreme Force of Joy Thought
LECTURE 2 - Supreme Force of Faith Thought
LECTURE 3 - Supreme Force of Courage Thought
LECTURE 4 - Supreme Force of Selfless Thought
LECTURE 5 - Supreme Force of Creative Thought
LECTURE 6 - Supreme Force of Positive Thought
LECTURE 7 - Supreme Force of Success Thought
LECTURE 8 - Supreme Force of Mental Suggestion
LECTURE 9 - Supreme Force of Mental Healing


Your mind is a divine laboratory. It mirrors transcendent miracles, it creates limitless realities, it inspires the glories of art, it sings the ideals of poetry, it reveals the mysteries of science, it out-reaches destiny and exalts human expression with noble ideals, unconquer­able faith, fadeless love and endless happiness. Your mind of light and life, of hope and power. Your mind! Think of it! That is why I am writing this little book for you. That you may find yourself in the laboratory of your mind. That you may become a most charm­ing per­sonality, a most attractive leader, a profound master of oc­casions, a most delightful friend and a most soulful lover.

No matter about present conditions, environ­ment, obligations. There is no excuse, tho your mind be over-charged with material things, or sur­feited with pleasures, or if thru careless abandon and neglect it is over-grown with desolate weeds of thought, or even choked with narrow conceptions and base fallacies, YOU CAN RESTORE THE FORCES OF YOUR MIND. You can unfetter it from weak habits of thought. You can arouse the fires of your mind. You can stand amid the outrage of eternal things. You can hurl your mental thun­derbolts into a maddened world, check its fury, sooth its passion enflamed soul and redeem its crushed ideals. From the laboratory of your mind you can bind up the wounded. You can speak those heaven-born thoughts which shall illumine with hope, restore with power, comfort with courage and inspire with love the world's aching heart. Then you shall know the height, the depth and the fulness of LIFE, JOY AND PEACE.


Lecture 1


Joy thought is power. To become strong, think gladsome thoughts. All thinking is mind action. You do one of two things, you think positive thoughts, which give you strength, or you think negative thoughts which weaken you. Character is positive thought. The best in you comes thru the spirit of joy created by positive thought. The key word of personal power is joy. The spirit of joy wins the world. Joy is delight of mind. It assures good. It inspires action. It encourages achievement. It heals the body, relaxes into happy co-ordination the mental processes. "A MERRY HEART DOETH GOOD LIKE MEDICINE." a merry heart goes all the far distance, the sad heart tires at the first mile. What is the first thing to do when trouble smites you? Think joyfully. Be glad you are alive. Be glad you have your mind and will left. That's enough. "Make a joy­ful noise." Keep it up. Be glad things are no worse. Like Mrs. Joy, when she ran against her china cabinet and broke several pieces, she exclaimed, "O how thankful I am!" A grouch overheard her, and asked, "Thankful for what?" "O," she says, "That I did not tip the cabinet over and smash them all." That's lit. You can do it. Be glad for something. Right away the trouble will begin to disappear. "Rejoice with exceeding joy." Try it. Not in a weak, sickly, half-hearted way, but with all your heart, might, mind and strength. Make it a six-cylinder pace. "Joy cometh with the morning." Cer­tainly it will. Fill your mind with glad thoughts, grateful thoughts, kindly thoughts, happy thoughts, then fall asleep with your win­dow half-sash open, you will awaken a new person, clothed with new power and your day will be one of victory over desperate con­ditions and disappointing circum­stances. You will be a King, or a Queen, in regal com­mand over the affairs of your day of life. On rising take ten deep breaths, then say this: "This sudden event shall not disturb, distract, nor dishearten me. I am greater than anything that has, or may happen. I shall be led, strengthened and given wisdom to do the right thing." You will become invincible. Put resolution, determination, courage, gladness and joy into your thoughts and you will have a force unconquerable.


Joy thinking is the surest, quickest cure for self-consciousness. Self-consciousness is stand­ing in your own way. It is self-thought. Self is the only thing in the universe you can think of, and you wish it were the last. Your feet seem bigger than the foot of a mountain, your arms like a Holland wind-mill and your tongue is set a mile deep in frozen speech. There you are, wishing you were dead and can't die. What shall you do? Do this, say to yourself: "Cock-a-doodle-doo." Say it aloud, and don't care. You will laugh, so will those who hear it. The ice is broken and your tongue is loosed. Now tell a story, like the little boy in St. Louis whose teacher asked him to give the names of male, female and off-spring of sheep, replied, "Ram the daddy, Dam the mamma and Lam the kid." Just the moment you begin to think and talk of something else beside yourself, you are free. Quit self-pity, it's a sister sin to self-consciousness. You are not half bad, we are all a heaven made us, though often much worse. So many pray, "Of all my father's fam­ily, I love myself the best, if God will give me money, the devil may take the rest." Self-pity is putting your hand into an electric fan to catch the squirrel running it. It's sitting on the cat and think­ing you are listening to the Victrola. Quit all self-illusions, notions and capricious thinking. Do not think because you are in a habit today, you must stay in it. Like the little girl in New York, when asked by a lady why she lived in a flat, replied, "Because I was born in it." You can move out. Start new. Get as far as you can. Like the quick minded chap in Cleveland, who brought his sweet­heart to the minister to be married, and asked him how much the service would be, and was told the usual fee was five dollars, but the poor chap had only two. Then, as always comes to the un­daunted, a bright idea struck him and he said, "Alright parson, go ahead and marry us as far as two dollars will go." Now it's up to you. Self-consciousness is a self-habit. It is thought created. To cure it change your thinking away from self. You are reality. To­day is opportunity. Tomorrow is prophecy. A world of brilliant possibili­ties lies before you. Shake yourself free of self limits. Get a gleam thru your joy thoughts of the distant future, seek it, strive for it, with your mind forces create re­sources of power, make a ladder out of your thoughts and climb to your success. Drop self fears and you will do it.


If you wish to be well, start a Joy Factory. Make joy, gladness, mirth, fun and hap­piness. Run your factory over­time. "Eat thy bread with joy." Never eat when you are angry or grieving, the food would only poison you. Many people are ill from morbid habits of thinking while they eat. You are sick in your mind before you are sick in your body. The physical reflects the mental. Bitter, angry, revengeful, hateful, jealous thinking poisons the system. It releases toxins that immedi­ately arrest the normal functions of the body. "Sing for joy of heart. Praise with joyful lips." You'll get well. Nervous troubles arise from toxemia of wrong thinking. You can talk angrily, hate­fully, bitterly to your pet dog and he will go and drown himself. You can hold a perfectly well cat and talk sob stuff, moan and groan and the cat will become sick. A lady in Boston sobbed and cried by a window close to her canary's cage, and in three hours the once joyful song bird was dead. Think it over. If you are ill in body or mind, look back and see what you have been thinking, as well as what you have been eating. You need a change of mental climate. Cultivate joy atmosphere around you. No power, condition, cir­cumstances or person on earth can deny you a joyous spirit. Stop fussing over your health, hoarding it as a miser; give it expression, then you will enjoy health. Health is the vital principle of happi­ness, and joy is the vital principle of health. Mind is limitless. Thoughts are infinite forces, then both must be of divine origin. Health is the soul of enjoyment, and joy is the spirit of health. Nothing earthly gives, nor can destroy your soul's sunshine of joy. You can transform your person­ality, renew your body, check age, change your life con­ditions, and become invincible with new per­sonal power thru joy thinking. Start for the city of your ideals by the Joy Road. You'll reach it. You may be slow arriv­ing like dear old deacon Rogers of a little church in Kansas. When he passed out, the minister put this notice on the church door: "Deacon Rogers went to heaven at 5.30 this morning." Later in the day a wag added this: "Heaven, 3.30, Deacon Rogers not yet ar­rived. Great anxiety."


You can have supreme happiness. No matter what else may be denied to you, no power on earth can deny you happiness. Happiness is right thinking. Think of life, use life joy­fully and you will become happy. Stop all envy, jeal­ousy, self-seeking. They can get you nothing. Free your mind of them by joy thinking. You cannot become happy looking your­self over with a microscope of self-pity. Joy thinking will make you greater than any trouble, condition, disappointment or illness in this world. Joy is health, melancholy is disease. Joy sings at its work. Joy opens the mind to light and vision. How is it done? By using your tact. Turn situations to your favor. Tact turns anger into smiles. Tact laughs dire, threatening peril into favoring advantage. To stop a quarrel, tact shuts its mouth. Tact does not look back and sulk over a lost chance, it creates a new opportunity. When Lot saw his wife look back and turn to a. pillar of salt, he didn't look back, he went on and found a fresh one. Tact is happiness trump card, play it strong in your life game. Use your resources and they will increase. Adversity has its comfort, your enemy may be in harder luck than you. Tact cultivates unseen resources. Like the tactful girl in Toledo, who found her lover would only kiss her when her eyes were shut, so went to sleep for the rest of the eve­ning. How is it done? By wit. Thinking joyful wit. Cultivate it. Train your wit joyfully. By wit you sense a person, condition, situation or crisis. Sense is a diamond, wit cuts it into flashes of brilliance and power. Wit is the pupil of the pupil of the soul's clear eye. Now awaken it, stop morbid introspection, forget self, train thoughts to play joyfully, mirthfully with your problems and con­ditions. We become like the things we think. So go to bed with a glad, happy, cheery, mirthful and joyous mind, and you will arise early radiant with gladness, happiness, cheerfulness, and all that day you will win. It was wit that saved Columbus, when he told the Indians that unless they gave him and his men food and shelter the Great Spirit would devour the moon because of his anger towards them, though it was only an eclipse, which Columbus knew was due the next night. It was wit that saved Washington at Valley Forge. It was wit that helped Lincoln to save the Union. It was wit that helped Roosevelt to end the Russian and Japanese war, check the great coal strike and gave him a world power personality. True wit is a natural advantage, it wins everywhere. Teeming wit is mental and physical nourishment. Wit is everlasting, sometimes shad­owed by serious sorrow, it breaks out again, and gleams and glows with something almost divine. Itself unseen, shows all things, de­scribing all, but described by none. Like the sun's rays on a ther­mometer, it moves you up. It keeps you from picking a quarrel be­fore it is ripe. It helps you save many a situation, as it did a young Birmingham girl, whose rich uncle asked how near she was to mar­riage, and she replied, "Well uncle, I am on my fifth lap." Wake up your wit, and it will awaken you to a new happiness.


Harmony is created from within. Harmony is the same in subject or king. "It is heaven breathing thru every member of the whole, one common blessing, as one common soul." Harmony is rythmic joy thinking. Start now. Do a little rythmic joy thinking daily. Harmony arises from enjoy­ment of yourself. You cannot enjoy others or the world, until you are able to enjoy yourself. If your mind is restless, turbulent, dis­cordant, you will see those elements in everything and everybody. It is a fine art to enjoy one's self all day. Try it. If you get thru half a day, you are on the road to harmony with the entire world. Harmony cannot be confined, you must give it out. It's here, it's there, it's everywhere. People tra­verse the universe for harmony, when all the time, it's throbbing under their own vest. Harmony is earning what you eat and wear. It is deserving what you enjoy. It is envy­ing no one. It is peace from all strife. It is joy over other people's good. It is bearing your own burden with a spirit of joy. Harmony is a sound, sane, selfless force of mind. In all the Bible you do not find the word harmony, because it is "Peace that passeth all under­standing." It is ruling your own spirit. The control of your own mind. It is doing good for the joy of the doing. It is taking life not too seriously. Be hope­ful. Though some millionaire tells you he started in life a barefoot boy, remember you were not born with shoes on. Harmony is right thinking. Harmony is the pro­duct of active good­ness. True harmony is the joy of doing good.

Order complete book in Adobe PDF eBook or printed form for $7.95 (+ printing charge)