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Excerpts from

27 Lesson Study Course
by Eugene Fersen

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Book Description
Baron Eugene Ferson's seminal work "SCIENCE OF BEING" was first published in 1923, and as a follow up to this successful book he offered his readers a 27 lesson correspondence course which was mailed to them over a seven month period, the purpose of which was to expand on and explain in fuller detail the various principles that were not fully understood by the readers of his book. The 27 individual lessons were later compiled into one book which was published in 1927. At over 140,000 words, this study course is more than twice the size of his original book, and is intended for people who have already read the "SCIENCE OF BEING" book itself and who now wish to gain a full, workable understanding of how they can put the principles taught in Fersen's first book into practical use in their own life. Original copies of these lessons and the book compilation are virtually impossible to find now.

If you have ever read the book "Science and Health" by Mary Baker Eddy, and many millions of people have as it was one of the original books in this field of mental science, you may recall that there is a large chapter in it entitled "The Science of Being", and reading this may have left you with many unanswered questions, for while the book attempts to answer many of life's deep mysteries, the way in which it is written (or was re-written to be more accurate) can often be more confusing to the reader than helpful. Statements such as "matter does not exist" and "evil is unreal" do not sit well in the minds of thinking men and women of the world, which is why later teachers and writers of the New Thought, Thomas Troward and Eugene Fersen in particular, set out from the beginning to explain the science of being in much more acceptable and practical terms, and they both accomplished this task admirably, which is why they were both regarded as great teachers by their peers. It is said that during his lecture tours in the USA during the early part of the 20th century, Eugene Ferson was a major influence to several more well-known New Thought writers such as Elizabeth Towne, Wallace Wattles, and Charles Haanel.

Here is the introduction to his 27 lesson Course in which he explains its purpose:


HEALTH, Success and Happiness are the Foundation and Aim of every human life.

Health is Energy. It is your capital. The more you have of it, the better off you are.

Success is the intelligent use to which you put your capital of Energy Health.

Happiness is the satisfaction you get from the proper combination of these two, Health and Success.

The Source of all Health, physical, mental and spiritual, is the limit­less Life Energy of the Universe, from which all life in Nature springs. Every human being is equipped by Nature with the physi­cal means to contact and use that Life Force. The more you contact It, the stronger and healthier you become, thus adding constantly to that in­itial capital of Energy of yours with which you have to make a Success in your life. Few have done so, because few have known that it could be done, and those few have kept the secret for them­selves.

"Science of Being" simply strips the mystery and uncer­tainty from these plain, basic Truths of life and puts you in direct conscious contact with the Universal Forces and Laws amidst which you live. It teaches you to attune yourself intelligently to the gigantic ebb and flow of those Cosmic Currents, in such fashion as to enlist their full power to help you reach your goal, instead of uncons­cious­ly opposing yourself to them.

Thus it completely re-organizes your human existence from the bottom upwards, giving you first a sound physi­cal body through which to express your activities, then a healthy and vigorous mind to govern and direct them most advantageously and finally a ready access to the priceless and unlimited soul treasures stored within you as within every individual born to this world. You are started into a correlative growth and expansion on these three planes of your Being which results in corresponding material and intellectual rewards, not because those rewards are given to you from the out­side, but because you have developed in yourself the strength of character and the ability to take them.

The majority of people today fumble blindly toward an end only vaguely seen, blundering awkwardly athwart the very Universal Laws and Powers that, properly han­dled, should be their greatest help. When they are flung back bruised and discomfited, the prey of ills physical, mental and spiritual, they sullenly place the blame on God, Fate, the local politician or anywhere except where it act­ually belongs—on their own ignorance.

"Science of Being" eliminates that guilty factor by giv­ing you the right perspective of yourself in relation to the Universal Forces of which you are the product. It opens your eyes to the intangible elements with which you have to deal and delivers into your hands the conscious control of your own Destiny. You will know how to restore your bodily health when you are ill and how to increase your vitality and energy when you are well. You will develop your mental faculties to the highest degree. You will sta­bilize your emotional side, replacing fear by Confidence, nervousness by Poise and worry by Peace and Harmony.

Achievement is a prize locked securely inside that cur­ious and delicate assortment of complex parts which is YOU. All those parts need in order to pour forth into realization their measureless treasures of latent possibili­ties is the proper correlation one to another and to the Power which drives them. That is the end which it is the purpose of this Course to accomplish, so that you may be able, through the development of your own inherent qualities and forces, to experience to the full in this earthly existence the ulti­mate of all human desires—Health, Suc­cess and Happiness.

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