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Excerpts from

  "Step This Way For Healing"
by Dr. Joseph Murphy

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Book Description
There is only one healing power. It is called by many names, such as God, Infinite Healing Presence, Nature, Divine Love, Divine Providence, the Miraculous Healing Power, Life, Life Principle, as well as many others. This infinite healing presence of Life, which Jesus called "Father," is the healing agent in all diseases, whether mental, emotional, or physical. This eBook contains excercises to aid the reader in harnessing this mighty healing power.

The Natural-Born Healer

We are all "natural-born healers" for the simple reason that the healing presence of God is within all men, and all of us can contact It with our thoughts. It responds to all. This Healing Presence is in the dog, the cat, the tree, and the bird. It is omnipresent and is the life of all things.


Degrees of Faith

There are different degrees of faith. There is the man who, through faith, heals his ulcers, and another who heals a deep-seated, so-called incurable malignancy. It is as easy for the healing presence of God to heal a tubercular lung as it is to heal a Cut on your finger. There is no great or small in the God that made us all; there is no big or little, no hard or easy. Omnipotence is within all men. The prayers of the man who lays his hand on another in order to induce a healing simply appeal to the cooperation of the patient's unconscious, whether the latter knows it or not, or whether he ascribes it to Divine intercession or not, and a response takes place; for according to the patient's faith is it done unto him.


A Case of Palsy

An old friend of mine in New York City suffered from palsy and tremors some years ago. His legs would become locked so that inability to move was experienced. Panic would ensue, and my friend would be frozen to the spot, even in the middle of a busy street. He got some mild relief from sedatives and antispasmodics which were prescribed by his physician; however, this condition of constant fear, panic, and foreboding was wearing him down. The following procedure was adopted.

The first step was to get him to see that there was a miraculous healing power within him which had made his body and which also could heal it. I suggested to him that he read the 5th Chapter of Luke, verses 18-24, and a related passage, Mark 2:3-5, where Jesus said to the man with the palsy: "Man, thy sins are forgiven thee . . . I say unto thee, Arise, and take thy couch, and go into thine house."

He read these verses avidly and was deeply moved by them. I explained to him that the couch or bed mentioned in the Bible means the bed in which a man lies in his own mind. The paralyzed man in the Bible undoubtedly was lying down amidst the thoughts of fear, doubt, condemnation, guilt, and superstition. These thoughts paralyze the mind and body.

We are told that Jesus healed the man of palsy by forgiving him his sins. To sin is to miss the mark, the goal of health, happiness, and peace. You forgive yourself by identifying mentally and emotionally with your ideal and continuing to do so until it gets within you as a conviction or subjective embodiment. You are sinning also when you think negatively or if you resent, hate, condemn, or engage in fear or worry. You are always sinning when you deviate or run away from your announced goal or aim in life, which should always be peace, harmony, wisdom, and perfect health -- the life more abundant.

My friend admitted to me that he was full of hatred toward a brother who had double-crossed him years ago in a financial deal. He also was full of guilt and self-condemnation and he realized that, like the paralytic in the Bible, he could not be healed until his sins had been cancelled by simply forgiving himself and his brother. He admitted to himself that his physical condition was quite a problem, but that he didn't have to have it.

He turned to the healing presence of God within him and affirmed boldly:

"I fully and freely forgive myself for harboring negative and destructive thoughts, and I resolve to purify my mind from now on. I surrender and release my brother to God, and wherever he is, I sincerely wish for him health, happiness, and all the blessing of God. I am now aligned with the Infinite Healing Power, and I feel Divine love flowing through every atom of my being. I know that God's love is now permeating and saturating my whole body, making me whole and perfect. I sense the peace that passeth understanding. My body is a temple of the living God, and God is in His holy temple and I am free. As he meditated on these truths, he gradually became reconditioned to health and harmony. As he changed his mind, he changed his body. Changed attitudes change everything. Today he walks joyously and freely, completely healed."


He Healed His Withered Hand

An irate young man came to interview me, stating that his boss had fired him and had said to him, "You're like the man in the Bible with the withered hand." He said to me, "What did he mean? My hands are all right, they are perfectly normal." My explanation was as follows: In the correct interpretation of the Bible, it must be understood that principles are personified as persons in order to make portrayal and interaction vivid and forceful. We must not confine the story of the man with the withered hand to its literal meaning The hand is a symbol of power, direction, and effectiveness. With your hand, you fashion, mold, direct, and design. Symbolically, a man has a withered hand when he has an inferiority complex and feels guilty and inadequate, or is a defeatist. Such a man does not function efficiently and is not expressing his God-given powers.

This young man admitted that his dreams, ambitions, ideals, plans, and purposes were withered and frozen in his mind because he did not know how to bring them to pass. Not knowing the laws of mind and how to pray correctly, he found that his wonderful ideas died a-borning in his mind, resulting in frustration and neurosis. He was stagnating, literally dying on the vine. Furthermore, he was demoting and depreciating himself. His attitude toward life was all wrong; moreover, he admitted that his work was shoddy and desultory.

His hand (his ability to achieve and to accomplish) withered by saying to himself, "If I had Joe's brains or his wealth . . . his connections . . . I could advance and be somebody. But look at me, just a nobody. I was born on the wrong side of the tracks. I must he satisfied with my lot. I have a withered hand."

A remarkable change took place in this man, however, when he decided to stretch forth his hand by enlarging his concept and estimate of himself. He formed a picture in his mind of what he wished to achieve, i.e., to direct a large organization and to be successful. He began to affirm frequently, "I can do all things, through the God-power which strengthens, guides, controls, and directs me. I realize that I am going where my vision is. I now turn with faith and confidence to the Infinite Intelligence within me, knowing that I am directed by an inner wisdom. I know in my heart that the God-power flows through the patterns of thought and imagery in my mind, and I am under a Divine compulsion to succeed."

As he identified himself mentally and emotionally with these new concepts, he went forward from promotion to promotion and is now general manager of a large corporation, his current salary exceeding $75,000 annually.


How the Hopeless Case Was Healed

Jesus commanded the dead man, ". . . And he said, Young man, I say into thee, Arise. And he that was dead sat up, and began to speak." (Luke 7:14-15)

When it says the dead man sat up and began to speak, it means that when your prayer is answered you speak in a new tongue of joyous health, and you exude an inner radiance. Your dead hopes and desires speak when you bear witness to your inner beliefs and assumptions.

As a corollary to this, I would like to tell about a young man I saw in Ireland a few years ago. He is a distant relative. He was in a comatose condition; his kidneys had not functioned for three days. His condition had been pronounced hopeless when I went to see him, accompanied by one of his brothers. I knew that he was a devout Catholic, and I said to him, "Jesus is right here, and you see him. He is putting his hand out and is this moment laying his hand upon you."

I repeated this several times, slowly, gently, and positively. He was unconscious when I spoke and was not consciously aware of either of us. He sat up in bed, however, opened his eyes, and said to both of us, "Jesus was here; I know I am healed I shall live."

What had happened? This man's subconscious mind had accepted my statement that Jesus was there, and his subconscious projected that thought-form, i.e. this man's concept of Jesus was portrayed based on what he saw in church statues, paintings, etc. He believed that Jesus was there in the flesh and that he had placed his hands upon him.

The readers of my book, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, are well aware of the fact that you can tell a man who is in a trance that his grandfather is here now and that he will see him clearly. He will see what he believes to be his grandfather. His subconscious reveals the image of his grandfather based on his subconscious memory picture. You can give the same man a post-hypnotic suggestion by saying to him, "When you come out of this trance, you will greet your grandfather and talk to him," and he will do exactly that. This is called a subjective hallucination.

The faith which was kindled in the unconscious of my Catholic relative, based on his firm belief that Jesus came to heal him, was the healing factor. It is always done unto us according to our faith, mental conviction, or just blind belief. His subconscious mind was amenable to my suggestion; his deeper mind received and acted upon the idea I had implanted in his mind. In a sense, you could call such an incident the resurrection of the dead. It was the resurrection of his health and vitality. According to his belief was it done unto him.


Blind Faith and True Faith

True faith is based on the knowledge of the way your conscious and subconscious minds function and on the combined harmonious functioning of these two levels of mind scientifically directed. Blind faith is healing without any scientific understanding whatsoever of the forces involved. The voodoo doctor or witch doctor in the jungles of Africa heals by faith, and so do the bones of dogs (believed to be the bones of saints by the believer), or anything else which moves man's mind from fear to faith.

In all instances -- regardless of the technique, modus operandi process, incantation, or invocation offered to saints and spirits -- it is the subconscious mind that does the healing. Whatever you believe is operative instantly in your subconscious mind.

Be like the little eight-year-old boy in our Sunday school. Eye drops were not clearing up his eye infection, and he prayed as follows: "God, you made my eyes. I demand action, I want healing now. Hurry up. Thank you." He had a remarkable healing because of his simplicity, spontaneity, and childlike faith in God. " . . . Go, and do thou likewise." (Luke 10:37)

Step This Way For Healing
by Dr. Joseph Murphy

Order in Adobe PDF eBook or printed form for $4.95 (+ printing charge)