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Excerpts from

  The Great Within
Your Unlimited Subconscious Mind
by Christian D. Larson

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Book Description
Unlimited possibilities do exist in the subconscious of every mind, and since these possibilities can all be developed, there is no end to the attainments and achievements of man. Herein is the key to unlimited success in life. If you truly wish to make your life a permanent success, read each page of this book carefully and with an open miin


Chapter 1  - Unlimited Possibilities
Chapter 2  - ­ Desire and Faith
Chapter 3  - ­ Impressing the Subconscious
Chapter 4  - ­ Removing Wrong Impressions
Chapter 5  -  Think on These Things
Chapter 6  -  You Can Become What You Desire to Be...
Chapter 7  -  Developing the Genius Within
Chapter 8  - ­ You May Become What You Wish to Be
Chapter 9  - ­ Use of the Conscious and Subconscious
Chapter 10 - ­ Solutions to Problems
Chapter 11 - ­ Direct Assistance in Everything
Chapter 12 - ­ Make Your Desires Subconscious
Chapter 13 - ­ Produce Perfect Health
Chapter 14 - ­ Impress the Subconscious Before Sleep
Chapter 15 - ­ Sleeping On Difficult Problems
Chapter 16 - ­ Sleep on The Superior; The Ideal
Chapter 17 - ­ Awaking The Great Within

Chapter 1

Unlimited Possibilities

The mind of man is conscious and subconscious, objective and subjective, external and internal.

The conscious mind acts, the subconscious reacts; the conscious mind produces the impression, the subconscious produces the expression; the conscious mind determines what is to be done, the subconscious supplies the mental material and the necessary power.

The subconscious mind is the great within - an inner mental world from which all things proceed that appear in the being of man.

The conscious mind is the mind of action, the subcon- scious mind is the mind of reaction, but every subconscious reaction is invariably the direct result of a corresponding conscious action.

Every conscious action produces an impression upon the subconscious and every subconscious reaction produces an expression in the personality.

Everything that is expressed through the personality was first impressed upon the subconscious, and since the conscious mind may impress anything upon the subconscious, any desired expression may be secured, because the subconscious will invariably do what it is directed and impressed to do.

The subconscious mind is a rich mental field; every conscious impression is a seed sown in this field, and will bear fruit after its kind, be the seed good or otherwise.

All thoughts of conviction and all deeply felt desires will impress themselves upon the subconscious and will reproduce their kind, to be later expressed in the personal being of man.

Every desire for power, ability, wisdom, harmony, joy, health, purity, life, greatness, will impress itself upon the subconscious, and will cause the thing desired to be produced in the great within, the quality and the quantity depending upon the depth of the desire and the conscious realization of the true idea conveyed by the desire.

What is produced in the within will invariably come forth into expression in the personality; therefore, by knowing how to impress the subconscious, man may give his personal self any quality desired, and in any quantity desired.

Personal power, physical health, mental brilliancy, remarkable ability, extraordinary talent, rare genius - these are attainments that the subconscious of every mind can readily produce and bring forth when properly directed and impressed.

The subconscious mind obeys absolutely the desires of the conscious mind, and since the subconscious is limitless, it can do for man whatever he may desire to have done.

What man may desire to become, that he can become, and the art of directing and impressing the subconscious is the secret.

Unlimited possibilities do exist in the subconscious of every mind, and since these possibilities can all be developed, there is no end to the attainments and achievements of man.

Nothing is impossible; the great within is limitless - the inexhaustible source of everything that may be required for the highest development and the greatest accomplishments in human life, and whatever we may direct the within to produce, the same will invariably be produced.

Chapter 2

Desire and Faith

To properly direct and impress the subconscious, the first essential is to realize that the subconscious mind is a finer mentality that permeates every fibre of the entire personality. Though the subconscious can be impressed most directly through the brain - center, the volume of subconscious expression will increase in proportion to our conscious realization of subconscious life in every part of mind and body.

To concentrate attention frequently upon the subcon- scious side of the entire personality will steadily awaken the great within; this will cause one to feel that a new and superior being is beginning to unfold, and with that feeling comes the conviction that unbounded power does exist in the deeper life of man.

When the awakening of the subconscious is felt in every part of mind and body, one knows that anything may be attained and achieved; doubts disappear absolutely, because to feel the limitless is to believe in the limitless.

While impressing the subconscious, attention should be directed upon the inside of mind, and this is readily done while one thinks that the subconscious mentality permeates the personality, as water permeates a sponge.

Think of the interior essence that permeates the exterior substance, and cause all mental actions to move toward the finer mental life that lives and moves and has its being within the interior mind. This will cause the conscious action to impress itself directly upon the subconscious, and a corresponding reaction or expression will invariably follow.
While directing attention upon the subconscious, the idea that is to be impressed should be clearly discerned in mind and an effort should be made to feel the soul of that idea.
To mentally feel the soul of the idea will completely eliminate the mechanical tendency of mental action, and this is extremely important because no mechanical action of mind can impress the subconscious.

Perfect faith in the process is indispensable, and to inwardly know that results will be secured is to cause failure to become impossible.

The deeper and higher the attitude of faith while the subconscious is being impressed, the more deeply will the impression be made, and the deep impression not only enters the richest states of the subconscious, but always produces results.

The attitude of faith takes the mind into the superior, the limitless, the soul of things, and this is precisely what is wanted.

When the mind transcends the objective it enters into the subjective, and to enter into the subjective is to impress one's ideas and desires directly, deeply and completely upon the great within. Such impressions will invariably produce remarkable expressions, not only because they have entered more deeply into the subconscious, but also because every impression that is made in the attitude of faith is given superior quality, greater power and higher worth.

The subconscious should never be approached in the attitude of command or demand, but always in the attitude of faith and desire. Never command the subconscious to do thus or so, but desire with a deep, strong desire, that the subconscious do what you desire to have done, and animate that desire with the faith that it positively will be done.
To combine a high faith with a strong desire while impressing the subconscious is the secret through which results may invariably be secured.

The subconscious should never be forcefully aroused, but should be gradually awakened and developed through such actions of mind as are deep and strong while perfectly serene.

Deep thoughts on all-important subjects, lofty aspirations on all occasions, and a constantly expanding conscious- ness will aid remarkably in awakening the great within.

Whenever attention is directed upon the subconscious, an effort should be made to expand consciousness by picturing upon mind the expanding process while the deeper feeling of thought is placing itself in touch with the universal; a strong, deep desire for greater things should be impressed upon the inner mentality, and a deep stillness should animate every action of mind.

The inner side of mind should always be acted upon peacefully, though not with that peacefulness that has a tendency to produce inaction, but with that peacefulness that produces a high, strong action that continues to act in serenity and poise.

To concentrate a strong, deeply felt, well poised mental action upon the entire subconscious mentality a number of times every day will, in a remarkably short time, develop the great within to such an extent that the mind will inwardly know that unlimited power and innumerable possibilities have been placed at its command, and when this realization comes the mind may go on to any attainment and any achievement; failure will be simply impossible.

When the development of the subconscious has been promoted to a degree the conscious mind will instinctively feel that failure is impossible, and will, consequently, leave results to the law. There will be no anxiety about results because to feel the presence of subconscious action is to know that results must follow when the subconscious is properly directed and impressed.

Perfect faith in the law that the subconscious will invariably do whatever it is impressed to do will eliminate anxiety completely, and this is extremely important, because the subconscious mind cannot proceed to do what it has been impressed to do so long as there is anxiety in the conscious mind.

Provide the proper conditions and the law will positively produce the desired results, and to inwardly know this is the first essential in providing the proper conditions.

The subconscious mind is somewhat similar to the phonograph; under certain conditions it can record anything, and under certain other conditions it can reproduce everything that has been recorded. There is this difference, however: The subconscious not only reproduces exactly what has been recorded, but will also form, create, develop and express what mind may desire when the impression is being made; that is, the subconscious not only reproduces the seed itself, but as many more seeds as the original seed desired to reproduce, and also the exact degree of improvement in quality that was latent in the desire of the original seed or impression.

The subconscious not only reproduces the mental idea contained in the impression, but also every essential that may be required to fulfill the desire of that impression.

Through this law the subconscious can find the answer to any question or work out any problem when properly impressed with an exact idea of what is wanted.

  "The Great Within" by Christian D. Larson

Order in Adobe PDF eBook or printed form for $6.95 (+ printing charge)


The Great Within Audio Book

Over 2 hours of quality audio. Can easily be burned onto CD or DVD

(MP3 format audio files - suitable for any computer, mp3 player, i-pod, etc.)

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