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The New TNT
Miraculous Power Within You!
(Mp3 format AudioBook)
Harold Sherman

Available in Mp3 audio format for immediate download for $7.95


If you have been searching for success and personal power and haven't found it yet, perhaps you have just been looking in the wrong place.

The real TNT — the personal power to achieve — cannot be purchased in the marketplace or bestowed as a gift from another. That power already exists within you.

Harold Sherman's powerful book, THE NEW TNT, now in abridged mp3 format for easy listening and quick assimilation, tells you how to tap the source of creative power which already exists within you — the same power that has enabled so many others to achieve their fondest dreams.

The new concept of mp3 reproduction of outstanding material like that in THE NEW TNT gives you the advantages of spaced repetition. Listen when your hands are busy but your mind is not — while driving, dressing, or performing routine chores — and turn odd moments of time into power-packed learning opportunities.

Burn to CD for convenient listening in your car or home stereo.

This mp3 audio presesentation is a little under one hour long, but like TNT it packs a very powerful punch and has an explosive impact on the listener!