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Excerpts from
  The Secret of Success
by R.C. Allen

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Book Description
In this inspirational classic from 1965 Mr. Allen explains the secret if success in terms of universal principles at work in our lives. That these principles, like the principles of mathematics, are at work whether we know or acknowledge them, leads to the conclusion that by familiarizing ourselves with these principles and applying them brings us into line with God's design for us and consequently brings harmony and success in every aspect of our lives.

This rich and inspiring book is a living classic. It shows you how to secure a richer, more abundant life—more easily.

This brilliant and exciting book has an uplifting theme that will never die. It presents the most important subject in the world in a way that everyone—regardless of age or circumstances—can understand.

It will help you change your wishes into reality. Within its pages, you will learn for the first time how to have a richer, more abundant life full of harmony, happiness and peace of mind.

Full of wisdom and common sense

This fact-filled book shows you how to increase your desire, get more money and bring harmony and joy into your life in many ways.

Written in simple, easy to understand language, The Secret of Success shows you how to “tune in” the wonderful source of wisdom and power within you and use it to enjoy a richer, more satisfying and successful life.

The dependable guide

When you follow The Secret of Success, you will learn how to make the right decisions more easily. Everything will fall into its proper place. Your life will be better organized. You will get things done, and you will succeed where others fail.

You will have greater peace of mind and confidence. Your life will be more harmonious. You will learn how to plan for the future. And your worries and problems will fade away.

As each day passes, you will have more courage and confidence to do the things you once thought were impossible—but they always become possible with the help of The Secret of Success.

Book Contents:


Let There Be Light


The Secret Revealed

Chapter 3

The Wonderful Power You Possess

Chapter 4

Thy Will Be Done

Chapter 5

There is No Limit to Your Potential

Chapter 6

How to Tune in the Infinite Mind

Chapter 7

The Law of Evolution

Chapter 8

The Law of Compensation

Chapter 9

The Law of Prosperity

Chapter 10

The Law of Non-Resistance

Chapter 11

The Wonderful Gift of Choice

Chapter 12

The Magical Power of Prayer

Chapter 1

Let There Be Light


millions of people are asking, "What is the Secret of Success and how can I obtain it?"


They want to know rather than guess. And many will gladly pay the price if it will produce a greater abundance of health, wealth and harmony in their lives.


Fortunately, there is nothing mysterious nor difficult about the way you can secure success. It is easier to obtain than many people realize. And the right answer is worth more than a hundred guesses.


Success, as you know, is the opposite of failure. It is the result of achieving respect, attention, greater freedom, good health, financial security and satisfaction in whatever you are doing. And, in a minor way, success is the result of doing something just a little better than someone else who believes the average is good enough.


Success comes easily and often to those who make an enthusiastic effort to serve and please others.


The man who starts a business of his own, satisfies his customers and adds more benefits to whatever he is selling, is a success.

The mother who teaches her children right from wrong and helps them grow up with a sincere desire to improve the world and serve the people around them, is a success.


The salesman who offers a worthwhile product or sells a service from which other benefit, is a success.


The secretary in an office, who does her work so well her boss thinks she is indispensable, is a success.


The farmer, who produces a high-quality crop, cultivates his land and raises fine cattle, is a success.


The guide, who is paid to direct a group of business and professional men to the best spot to hunt or fish, is a success.


The singer or musician, who helps to make the lives of others more pleasant, is a success.


And every wife is a success if she never loses faith in her husband and helps him reach out for better things.


Success, therefore, is the reward you receive for the time and effort you willingly give towards helping and serving other people. And the more people you serve and the better you perform that service, the greater your reward will be.


But the greatest success and the most praise is given to those men and women who make plans to serve and then continue to serve in spite of adversity, sickness, physical deformity, lack of cooperation and a shortage of money.


There are thousands of such individuals. No matter how difficult their problem may be and regardless of circumstances, they succeed because they have discovered the Secret of Success—which is available to all—not just a limited few.


As a result of learning and applying this Secret of Suc­cess millions of people can now succeed where only thou­sands have succeeded before.


Think a minute and consider these questions.


Why is it that some people are successful, while others are not? Why are a few people leaders, while others are followers? Why are some people happy and at peace with the world, while others so often worry, complain and grumble?


Why should such conditions exist? What makes one man or woman succeed, while others just wonder why?


The difference does not lie in education. Some of the greatest leaders and some of the most successful people the world has ever known have had little education as we know it today.


Education is a help, but it is not the answer.


Many well-educated people are not a success in the true sense of the word. Some have committed suicide in times of stress. Others complain of minor irritations that people with less education endure all day long.


The difference does not lie in physical strength nor in good health. Many deformed and handicapped people have accomplished great things.


An exploding bomb blew off both the hands of para­trooper Harold Russell during World War II. He had been looking forward to returning to his old job as a butcher. Without hands, however, he felt he had no hope and no future.


Army doctors fitted him with ingenious prosthetic appliances, metal fingers that enabled him to operate a type­writer, light a cigarette, thread a needle and do almost anything that others could do with fingers.


He was invited to make a training film to help other amputees. Then this former butcher boy received a con­tract to act in the motion picture, "The Best Years of Our Lives" for which he received an Academy Award. He later became a leader in the Disabled Veterans Organiza­tion and lectured all over the United States.


When Harold Russell was asked if he regretted his condition, he replied, "No, my deprivation had been my greatest blessing. What counts is not what you have lost but what you have left."


Annette Kellerman and Franklin D. Roosevelt were both stricken with polio. It could have slowed their progress or darkened their spirits. But Annette Kellerman over­came her handicap to become the greatest swimmer and the most beautiful woman of her time. And Franklin D. Roosevelt revived our spirits during the worst depression in history with the words, "We have nothing to fear, but fear itself."


And hard work is not the answer. Many men and women spend long hours in physical labor, but they find it even harder to make a living. Others find time to play golf and fish, yet they seem to make a living without much effort.


Success and happiness, you will find, are neither helped nor handicapped by the environment in which you live. Abraham Lincoln, Booker T. Washington and Andrew Carnegie rose to great heights in spite of their lowly birth and tremendous handicaps.


The Secret of Success is not something new. It is not, in any way, reserved for a few. It has been with us since time began. And, the more you understand and accept it, the more easily it will help you. New opportunities will open up and they will lead you to more successful achievements.


If you will carefully read each page in this book, then have persistent faith, follow through and believe—


you will learn how to use more of the tremendous power within you to achieve greater self-confidence, move ahead in your job, find new health, increase your earnings, improve your relations with others—and achieve any form of success you strongly desire—more easily.


Many books attempt to show the way to success but they fail to show how success can be made both permanent and complete.


Some of the books you read will explain how to make more money. But they neglect to point out why it is also important to have peace of mind. Other books illustrate how you can secure peace of mind but they make no effort to show you how to increase your income.


For those reasons, a need arose and this book was written to give you the ever-lasting Secret of Success that will never fail you—once you learn it and apply it. It is the answer everyone wants—regardless of age, environment or circ-um­stances.


The Truth is—anyone who knows how can succeed.


Why, then are there so many people who are frustrated? Why do so many people fail? Why do so many others worry and complain about their "problems?"


The reason is—they have not learned how to work in harmony with the Secret of Success which is—


"Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all good things shall be added unto you."


This Secret of Success never fails. It is the one thing you can always depend upon to bring harmony, peace of mind, order and justice into your life—more easily.


When you understand it, believe it and follow it, all of your problems, worries and frustrations fade away. Your life improves and you begin to enjoy a greater amount of security, personal satisfaction, good health and friends.


Helen Keller was born in the little town of Tuscumbia, Alabama. When only 19 months old, she was stricken with a fever and became blind and deaf. At the age of three, she also became mute. But she rose above her triple handicap to become one of the best known individuals in the world and an inspiration to everyone who met her.


With great difficulty and hours of practice each day, she learned to speak. She read books in Braille for such long periods of time, her fingers bled and had to be covered with silk for protection.


Deeply spiritual, she prayed often and felt her mission in life was to help others who were blind and deaf and needed the encouragement to work and carry out their lives with full responsibility rather than live off charity.


At the age of 20, she entered Radcliffe College in Massachusetts. In spite of being unable to see, hear or speak, her determination to succeed and her perseverance helped her to acquire the knowledge necessary to graduate with honors.


The Bible, of course, gives the Secret of Success. Many people who read It, however, fail to understand and grasp the spiritual power and wisdom it contains. Some even try to deny it.


But—the Truth is—miracles can happen and do happen many times for all those who have enough faith and the wisdom to believe.


Over and over again, the Secret of Success has helped to make the lives of such people easier. In spite of financial problems, adverse criticism and lack of cooperation, they discovered that, whenever they give close attention to the Secret of Success, they have found the money they need, the right marriage partner and the peace of mind that is so important to all those who desire a rich and satisfying life.


That is why, when anyone says to them, "Show me and I will believe," they can give this answer with sincerity and conviction.


I believe because I know.

I have been shown.


To get the most out of this book, read each chapter with an open mind.


An open mind looks for and accepts new ideas. A closed mind resents them.


Albert E. Wiggam, the famous psychologist, said, "The line between 'open-mindedness' and 'tight-mindedness' is sharp and clean cut—and the only people who have ever contributed anything to human progress have been the 'open-minded' who have been able to see there is a better way."


Most people long to know why any given fact is true. Some, however, boast of an "open mind" yet wind up with a "closed mind."


When a discussion is started, they listen eagerly and with interest so long as their own viewpoint is discussed. As soon as someone makes a statement contrary to what they believe or a remark is made, "there is a better way," their minds are closed immediately. They feel there is no longer any need to discuss it.


Such an attitude, obviously, results in a closed mind.


Bishop Fulton J. Sheen wrote, "Those who boast of open-mindedness are invariably those who love to search for truth, but not to find it. They love the chase for truth, but not the capture. Many people keep their minds open to truth—but fail to close them in time to grasp it."

True open-mindedness means you must be willing to listen to everyone who proposes a new idea or expresses a thought and allow them the opportunity to explain it.


Then, after they have finished, discuss it fairly, find out the good points and add those good points to your growing storehouse of information.


This book should be read with such an open mind. It can change and improve your life because, within these pages, you will find many statements of Truth that can help you to understand life more easily. And the dividends you receive from the Secret of Success will be greater peace of mind, new ideas and a larger amount of income for the services you render.


Some people, however, believe that success is proven when you have a fine home, fancy clothes and a lot of money.


While money is important, it is not a true measure of success. And it can never buy true love, happiness nor peace of mind.


Money is nothing more than the payment you receive for the help and service you give to others. And the more help and service you give, the greater the amount of money you will receive in return.


It should never be considered a permanent asset because it can fade away for many reasons. There are individuals in all walks of life who experience financial difficulties no matter how large or small their incomes may be. Bankruptcies occur among large companies and small companies in every area of the world. Inflation can eat up much of your savings. And the stock market can go down.


At such times, the Secret of Success is the only thing you can turn to and rely upon for the courage, the faith and the inspiration you need to face the future.


"Money," Benjamin Franklin said, "Never made a man happy, nor will it. There is nothing in the nature of money to produce happiness. The more a man has, the more he wants. Instead of filling a vacuum, it makes one."


The person you consider successful from a material stand-point may be unhappy from a spiritual standpoint. He may be grouchy, irritable and selfish. He may have few dependable friends. And he may suffer from high blood pressure, headaches and ulcers.


His unhappiness shows up in his face and his attitude. The reason is—he lacks the peace of mind which comes from understanding and believing in the Secret of Success.


His attention is centered on elusive, material things such as money and the pursuit of pleasures that can be lost overnight instead of the more dependable spiritual values which are never lost but remain forever.


In the final analysis, you will find that money is not your primary desire in life. Everyone in this world—the million-aire with his fine home and the lowly savage in the jungle—has only one desire. It is fundamental and never changes. Good times or bad times, peace or war, your primary desire is—to have peace of mind and live a happy life in com­fort.


Some people call this "paradise." And very few ever find it. But those who understand and demonstrate their belief in the Secret of Success will own a greater portion of this paradise than those who "don't care" or "don't believe."


The Truth is—logic and common sense will always prove the wisdom of the statement—


"Wealthy is the man

 who has peace of mind."


It is the most valuable and dependable possession you can ever own.


Without peace of mind, all other treasures are of small value. It is the ultimate good, "the pearl of great price," yet it cannot be purchased. It can only be secured by those who desire it above all else in the world.


The Secret of Success helps you secure and enjoy this ever-dependable peace of mind. It enables you to live a happy life—regardless of the amount of money you have. And it encourages you to work more closely with God.


It gives you confidence and points out why the more you give of yourself to the world in the way of services and goods, the more peace and security you will get out of it.


There are a limited number of people who believe so devoutly in this Secret of Success that their constant attention to its precept has exalted them into saints. No matter what obstacles are placed in their way, they succeed because they work closely with God and reap the many blessings that result.


As you read through this book, you will find that miracles can happen when you know how to use this Secret of Success. But do not expect miraculous results overnight. Mortal man cannot perfect anything in a single day. And a bird cannot fly until its wings have developed enough to support its body.


Remember it takes time for eggs to hatch. It takes time to learn to play the piano. It takes time to make a journey of a thousand miles. And it takes time to go from ordinary success to greater success.


A great deal depends on how eager you are to "Seek first the Kingdom of God" and how willing you are to follow the suggestions and leads you are given.


You may be certain that life will improve for everyone as soon as men and women all over the world, who have influence, can teach and inspire others to believe that—


the Secret of Success is a close and constant relationship with the infinite wisdom and creative spirit of God and God is the Secret of Success.


The closer and more constant this relationship with God—the Secret of Success—the easier it will be for answers to problems to come from the most intelligent and dependable source. Miracles and many wonderful things can then happen.


Harmony and freedom will increase. All of the ills, crimes and oppressions that exist will begin to fade away. And peace and justice will be expressed and experienced more often by everyone.

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