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Excerpt from

  TheScience of
Successful Living

byRaymond Charles Barker

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TheScience of Successful Living is“the spiritual formula for a joyous life.” This book was written tohelp the reader derive a new interest in life, a zest for doing whatneeds to be done and a technique to live with joyous enthusiasm.

“Looking atlife from an inspired viewpoint you can see those things which are onthe side of greatness and cease resisting the petty and theunimportant. Life is a process of intelligence. It always actsintelligently. Problems are the result of living life unintelligently,”Barker writes. 

This bookshows you how to use your creative power to live life fully.

Subjects coveredinclude: The Necessity ofCreative Ideas; TheOperative Action of Mind; God and Your Subconscious; Resentment Is Ruin;Why Spiritual Thinking Heals; The Necessity of Flexibility; TheTechnique of Demonstration.


Few people thinkof life as acreative experiment. Most of us are so busy with routines that we takelife for granted. We expect an endless routine of work, a hectic sociallife each weekend and two weeks' vacation each year. I trust that thereaders of this book will derive from it a new interest in life, a zestfor doing what needs to be done and a technique to live with joyousenthusiasm.

Looking at lifefrom an inspiredviewpoint you can see those things which are on the side of greatnessand cease resisting the petty and the unimportant. Life is a process ofintelligence. It always acts intelligently. Problems are the result ofliving life unintelligently.

Work with yourworld the way itworks. To drive a car, you have to drive it the way a car should bedriven. You can't drive it as you would a locomotive, an airplane or aboat. Life can be lived fully, provided you live it according to thebasic patterns of Life itself.

The creativepower in life is mind.That is its primary quality and its most basic function. The universeis the result of a mathematical thinker, thinking mathematically. Oneauthority said that the only real difference between matter and mindwas that mind is an area of ideas in fluidic form and matter is an areaof ideas temporarily locked up in form.

The universe isactually a mentalsystem. Its primary nature is the process of ideas becoming form. Everyfact in your world is also an idea in your mind. To get new things inyour world you must have new ideas in your consciousness. Few people doenough abstract thinking to create new ideas in their minds. Theycontinually think about what they already know and have known foryears. This explains the monotony of their lives.

To increase thearea of man'sconsciousness has been the aim of all religion and education. Theinfiltration of new ideas in the mind is essential to healthy living.You exist in an infinite Mind which offers you an ever-expandingvariety of ideas. Ideas are seeking to be born in your mind.

Select the ideaof some newexperience you want and then think it without ceasing. Mind willdeliver to you everything you need in order to accomplish yourdemonstration. This is far from being impossible. The great, the wiseand the true have proven this to be so. You have done it and so haveyour friends. You may not have thought of the process as being eitherspiritual or psychological. You intuitively knew a new idea. Yourthinking in terms of this idea caused something to happen in yourexperience.

This book hasbeen written for thatlarge section of today's population which is spiritually liberal andpsychologically aware. Those bound by traditional beliefs will cast itaside. It is my desire that thousands will be helped and healed byreading these pages.


Chapter 1

The Necessity of Creative Ideas

Power is not inwhat youdo, what you own nor in the health of your body. Power is in the use ofyour mind and emotions. Your consciousness determines the way lifeworks for you, for it can only work for you by working through you.Ideas have to use the materials which are within you. These materialsare your mental attitudes, your fears, your memory and your desires.

Ever since manbegan his firstprimitive groping for a belief in God, and thereby developed religion,his spiritual thinking has revealed to him one central idea. Everyreligion has taught it and every savior has exemplified it. It is, thatbelief determines your experience. What you are on the insidedetermines what you experience on the outside. Your faith in goodincreases your area of good. Your faith in negatives, which is fear,increases your problems.

There is ascience of the mind, a wayof handling thought and feeling to get the most out of life. Thisscience does not teach that you can be happy, prosperous and healthyall the time. That would be nonsense. However, this science does teachthat you can greatly improve your mental attitudes and as a result youwill certainly be happier, healthier and have greater ease in finance.These areas of life are determined by the types of ideas functioning inyour consciousness, and you can always improve your ways of thinkingand feeling.

Spiritualthinkers have realized theimportance of directing the mind to great ideas rather than keeping itat the level of daily routines which absorb you with the petty, thetiresome and the disconcerting. Their advice has been to think of thenature of God, the living spirit within you and of those elements oflife which are creative, expanding and eternal. If you have done thisyou have proven to yourself that this technique works. Fixing yourattention on a positive goal causes Life to back you up with all itsprocesses and you realize that the universe is for you and neveragainst you. You live with greater ease and are able to give ease toothers.

The Infinite Mindcreated yourconsciousness to be a positive, creative, active area of influence.Fears, unhappiness, sickness and lack are a misuse of your mind. It wasnever designed to work with these vicious and destructive emotions.That is why they wreak their havoc upon you. God knew what He was doingwhen He gave you the capacity to think in large terms, to perceivegreat truths and to experience love in its highest forms. You aredivinely equipped to think what the great have thought, through theirbooks, music, art, theatre and science. In addition, your equipment ofconsciousness includes your ability to have original ideas arise withinyou.

No man has evercontemplated theDivine Nature of himself and not been benefited. From within comes theurge to select in life that which is greater than you now know. Fromthis same intuitive source comes the whisper of God saying you need notbe sick, unhappy, frustrated and struggling with financial problems.Life is an inlet and an outlet, an ebb and a flow. It is something youreceive and give. Ideas enter your mind and actions follow. Thoughtscome to your mind and you do something about them. If they are negativeyou worry, fear and doubt. If they are creative, you are inspired toright and loving action.

You are foreverimmersed in and apart of a Creative Mind. This Mind is thinking new ideas into yourconsciousness. Accept them by knowing that they come to you in order tooperate through you and bring to pass something greater in yourexperience than you have had previously. Welcome them as you would adear friend. Life seeks in every way to inspire your mind. It wants youto have more and more of all good things. It knows no lack, limitationnor impossibility. God never knows defeat.

There is novirtue in pain, povertyor unhappiness. Unhappiness has never improved a living soul. It cannotincrease your area of good, it will only diminish it. It warps,destroys and contracts. The Infinite can only release Its ideas intothe consciousness that is at peace with itself and enjoying theexperience of living.

Happiness isdetermined by the ideasworking in your consciousness, not by your environment, possessions,social activities or your hopes. Happiness knows no time, it is alwaysa present action. Your mentality is always under your personal control.Your mind always displays itself. It makes itself obvious. As you entera room people glance at you and know your mood. You give to others onlywhat you are. In my book Treat Yourself to Life is thissentence: "Your happiness is in direct ratio to your ability to giveyourself to others." *

Givingness is thebasis of allliving. It is the cause of all friendship, love, family life and socialactivities. However, the boundaries of your mind determine your

* TreatYourself to Life, Dodd, Mead & Company, New York.

capacity togive. The ideas that predominate in your thinking are what you sharewith your world. Greatness offers itself to you. All of love gives ofitself in you.

Life has neverimprisoned anyone. Itcannot, by its own nature, limit you. God offers to you Ideas whichwill make you free from the false conclusions of your own negativethinking. Take them and rejoice.

You are free totake what you wantfrom life and give what you will to life. You are spiritually free,though for the moment you may be materially in bondage. Lack of incomemay, for the moment, prevent you from doing what you want.

Poor health, asense ofduty to family or an obligation to business is a passing experience tothose who let in the ideas of God. You are free to think anything youwant to think.

If you want totreat yourself tolife, place your attention on ideas which will cause you to move ahead.These ideas already dwell in you and await your recognition. God in themidst of you is inspiring you at this moment. Say to yourself:

There is but one mind, one life,one good, God. To me are given the ideas of God, and they now are alivewithin me. I accept them with joy. I give them their full freedom tooperate through me and bring to pass a finer experience for me. I givethem all power and authority to accomplish their purpose. I rejoice inthem and am glad.

The consistentrepetitionof ideas is a process of learning. Think back to your school days andyou will verify this. In the field of mental attitudes the repetitionof ideas is most important. The constant repetition of negatives inyour thinking causes your subconscious mind to produce moredifficulties in your experience. Possibly you dread the future. Youcan't see much health, prosperity or happiness ahead of you. If youwill watch your thinking and your moods, you will discover the reasonfor this. Over the past months, perhaps years, you have been mentallyconvincing yourself each day that the future is dark. From earlymorning until late at night, without realizing it, you consistentlythink and speak negatives. Your whole approach to your work and yourrecreation is the expectancy of trouble. Why wouldn't you feeldepressed and be certain that others who are successful have a specialclaim on heaven.

The Bible teachesthat your realinner thinking about yourself becomes a law to your experience. Suchteaching is as old as the first wise man who ever lived and appreciatedlife. The repetition of trouble at the conscious mind level day afterday indicates increased trouble ahead. Your religion should have taughtyou to believe in the goodness of life, its endless opportunities andyour ability to achieve what you want, for the living Spirit indwellsyou.

If you areunhappy or in some form oftragedy, you may not believe this, but when you do believe it, yourproblems will begin their dissolution. Why should life give youanything better than what you now have, if your thinking remains at adead level? A chronic invalid cannot gain health while his mentalattitude maintains the illness. If you are in a chronic financialproblem, why should the creative power prosper you, if your constantattention is on how little you have. Life can only give you what youare mentally conditioned to accept. Consistent belief that you haven'twhat you want will never cause what you want to happen to you.

There is anexactness to life; thereis a science of living. The Creative Mind delivers to you the exactresults of your states of mind. This is the law of cause and effect.Both Jesus and Paul taught it. You can only have in your world what youare mentally and emotionally conditioned to have. By changing yourconditioning through the repetition of spiritual ideas, you change whatyou receive from life.

The power andwisdom of God havenever planned a negative program for anyone. If you dread something inthe future, you need a good swift spiritual shot in the arm. You needto treat yourself by contemplating the nature of God and your place andfunction in His Mind. The Infinite's program for you is a roadway ofpositives. It must do this for It could not do otherwise, as It knowsonly good. The more you affirm that you are spiritual and divine, themore good happens to you.

Your mind is adirecting center oflife. Your mental conclusions are your only limitations. There are noshut doors and no finalities in this world. To believe that you are atthe end of your road is stupid. The pathway is endless and you are afree agent. The action of God is not limited to any group, churchdenomination or ritual. It is limited only by your capacity to think interms of what you want, instead of continuing your contemplation ofwhat you do not want.

New ideas are thekey to newexperiences. Saying that success, true love or perfect health havepassed you by only means that you have let it go past. It means you didnot have a creative mental attitude to hold it in your experience. Youcan change every situation in your life for the better once you havedecided to do it and seek a spiritual means of doing it. The Mind ofGod is seeking to find those of Its creation who are willing to releasethe past, live in the present with new ideas and plan a creative futurefor themselves.

In 1932 in thedepths of the worlddepression a woman came to see me who was almost destitute. She pledwith me to show her a way of changing her consciousness so she couldagain have prosperity and freedom in money. The only question I askedwas "What is the one thing above all others that you would like to do?"Her reply was that she had always wanted to be a pastry specialist.Remember that in 1932 she couldn't have found a job as a regular baker,let alone a specialist in fancy pastries. In those years suchdelicacies were rarely used.

I said to her,"Then go ahead and doit." She looked at me in complete amazement. I said, "If we togethersubconsciously accept the idea that you can be this, then every doorwill open for you to do it." She did not argue: she did not say it wasimpossible; she agreed with me. I gave her the following treatment:

There is no limitation in theUniversal Spirit which is God. It remains forever the same. God knowsneither depression nor impossibility. You are the vital outlet ofDivine Ideas. You now welcome them and rejoice in them. Every limitedpoverty idea is now erased from your consciousness. To you is given bythe Mind of God your right and perfect employment in the field youwant. You accept this idea, and the Law of Mind is already in actionproducing it.

You are free from all fear and established inallfaith. God moves you forward into your successful career. Rejoice andbe exceeding glad.

Both of usbelieved herdesire to be sound, even though the world at that time would never havecalled it practical. In ways beyond anything the human mind would havethought possible, a noted manufacturer of flours arranged a one weekpastry school at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. Out ofthousands of applicants, she was one of those chosen. Living fourhundred miles from New York, she hitchhiked to the city. Uponcompleting the course she was considered so unusual that she wasoffered a job as a pastry specialist in one of the few wealthy clubsable to survive during the depression. She has been constantly employedin that type of work at the finest clubs and hotels ever since,receiving a large salary.

Not once did sheallow herself theluxury of fear, doubt or failure. She held fast to her belief that inright ways her good would come to pass because a Mind larger than herown would cause it to happen. Her constant thought was "There is aPower in me, acting through me, and acting for me which causes me toaccomplish what I want." She knew that her mind was the place where thePower acted, and she kept it clear. She projected the idea withauthority and allowed no one to discourage her. She realized thatcontrolling her mind and emotions was a full time job and she neverwavered for a moment.

What this womandid, you can do. Godplays no favorites. His Mind and Law are equally available to all. Youcan always change conditions, when you decide to do it, and followthrough with the necessary disciplines of mind. You are mind in action.Even your body can only do and be what your consciousness decides.Every action and condition of your body is the result of subconsciousthought action. Body is a field of response, never one of cause. Itreacts, but cannot act of itself. Your sickness or health is the resultof your subconscious thinking and you can always change this byintroducing a new positive train of causative thinking based on aspiritual idea.

Life is theinteraction of ideas. Itis the play of thought and feeling upon the great screen of experience.Your combined use of thought and feeling, plus the direction you havegiven these, makes your life what it is today. And, your use anddirection of them determines your future. Consciousness is the cause ofall experience. In your hands is the responsibility of living. You area free agent in a Mind that delivers to you the exact reactions of yourmental actions.

Life is spiritualactivity. In thecommonplace is the Spirit. It exhibits intelligence, purpose and plan.As a living soul, you have intelligence, purpose and plan.

An infiniteWisdom caused you to beborn in these times. The Mind of God knew exactly what it was doingwhen you were born. You are a specialized creation of the Almighty. Inyou God has individualized His mind, power and authority, so that youcould create what you want when you want it. But most people cannotbelieve this. They have been conditioned by their religion to think ofthemselves as helpless. They never grasp the reins of life and proceedin the direction they would like to go. Either you act with authorityupon your world, or your world will give you an average existence.

There is anIntelligence whicharranges many things behind the outer scene, a Mind which knows exactlywhat to do, when to do it, and proceeds to fulfill your ideas. God istremendous, magnificent and creative and all of It is yours. The moreyou rejoice hi being a part of It, the more Life can enrich and benefityou. Say to yourself:

I rejoicein life. I rejoice in these times in which I live. I behold thegoodness and the richness of life on every hand. I am the full Mind andLove of God in complete expression right now. I find so much in my lifethat is good. I know my victory over problems is certain for I knowthat my intelligence is a part of God.

Remember this atthe end of a hardand busy day. Your fatigue is natural. You have faced and met problems.You have handled things to the best of your ability. That is all thatLife requires of anyone. So be glad to be alive in these days rightwhere you are. If you don't like your present routines, you can changethem. There is never despair to one who knows this science. He sensesthe divinity within humanity and the answer within the question.Problems become exciting experi-ments, and faith is never dimmed.

There is nosimple rule for a happierlife. Successful living is hard work, but this hard work is simplifiedwhen you realize it takes place in your consciousness.

Life is themovement of intelligencethrough law and order producing what you select to have in yourexperience. I realize that you cannot keep your mind affirmativetwenty-four hours a day. No individual can do this. However, you cantake five minutes each morning to quietly and confidently do spiritualthinking.

Contemplatespiritual ideas andbelieve them possible for you to demonstrate. You have a right tohealth, peace of mind, a goodly measure of this world's goods andcreative self-expression.

In your time ofdedication to Truth,know that your life right now is a part of God and contains all thepossibilities of full and rich living. Accept yourself as anintelligent loving expression of life. Do not think of your mistakesand failures during this period. They are unimportant to the DivineWisdom. It knows them not and is not interested in what you might havedone.

God is onlyinterested in what youare and where you have chosen to go. You are the image and likeness ofthe creative power. You are an expanding, unfolding consciousnessbacked up by the universal Mind. God wants you to be what you want tobe. In your quiet thinking select your future, then accept it as normalfor you, and then expect it to happen. Give thanks that all the waysand means to bring it to pass are already in action. Rest in the calmassurance that the Intelligence of God is making all things possible.

The above isself-treatment. It isestablishing cause and the Law of Being will produce the effect. Withthis new concept firmly implanted in your mind things begin to happen.Follow through by letting changes come. Don't expect things to remainas they are. This they cannot do, for you have set in motion a powerfulidea which acts with exactness in creating a new experience.

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