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Excerpts from

  "Three Steps to Success"
Rare original audio lecture
by Dr. Joseph Murphy

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Book Description
This is a rare audio recording by the master of subconscious mind power, Joseph Murphy.
Success means successful living, not just attaining wealth. When you are peaceful, happy, joyous, and doing what you love to do, you are successful. In this lecture, Dr, Murphy shows you how to implement the Three Steps to Success so that you will achieve success and through it, a happy, profitable and rewarding life. This 25 minute audio lecture is in two parts and is available for immediate download. As a bonus, you will also be able to download and listen to a famous audio lecture by the pioneer of self-development audio lectures, Earl Nightingale. If these excellent audio recordings do not stir something inside you and motivate you towards success, then it's doubtful that anything ever will!