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Excerpts from
  "The Temple Not Made With Hands"
by Walter C. Lanyon

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Book Description
"When will you listen to the VOICE within you and stop discounting yourself -- you too are my temple -- remember this." In this book, Walter Lanyon reminds his readers that they are the temple not made with hands.


Chapter 1 - Out of the East..........................4
Chapter 2 - Subjectivity.............................7
Chapter 3 - Olympian Dust............................9
Chapter 4 - Illusion................................11
Chapter 5 - Recognition.............................13
Chapter 6 - Cloven Tongue...........................15
Chapter 7 - The Poisonous Flower....................18
Chapter 8 - The Chastening..........................20
Chapter 9 - Extension of the Senses: Seeing.........22
Chapter 10 - Extension of the Senses: Hearing.......29
Chapter 11 - Extension of the Senses: Tasting.......35
Chapter 12 - Extension of the Senses: Touching......40
Chapter 13 - Extension of the Senses: Smelling......44
Chapter 14 - Embodiment.............................49
Chapter 15 - I Come Not to Destroy..................54
Chapter 16 - That Which Concerneth Me...............61
Chapter 17 - From Walking Up and Down, To and Fro...66
Chapter 18 - The Friendly Enemy.....................72
Chapter 19 - In All Thy Ways........................78
Chapter 20 - Thank You, Father......................80
Chapter 21 - Ye Must Be Born Again..................85
Chapter 22 - Setting the Captive Free...............90
Chapter 23 - Resist Not.............................96
Chapter 24 - No Condemnation.......................102
Chapter 25 - Being Being...........................107
Chapter 26 - The Acts of God.......................109
Chapter 27 - The God-Spake Voice...................114
Chapter 28 - Believest Thou This?..................120
Chapter 29 - When Ye Pray..........................122

Chapter 1


As the wind bloweth, I go now,

And ye know not whither.

With a warm breath I have blown upon your seedlings, I have blessed you as a warm rain.

Aye, and from the northeast, icy

And stern was the blast of my indignation

Against the weeds of treachery —

Against the waste of unclean furrows and broken barns, Wherein mice ate the seed I gave you without stint. Now look ye to the harvest, for I go, And neither tear nor bell nor burning sacrifice

Shall summons me again to teach anew

What I have taught so often that your ears are weary, And ye are fat from hearing and not doing.

-Druid Taliesin*

* Taken, with permission, from writings of Talbot Mundy.

YES, "Ye are fat from hearing, and not doing." Hearing endless words of and about the truth and never really hearing the WORD within your soul. Afraid to listen to the voice within you, preferring to listen to another give his idea of what it all means. It probably does mean just what he says to him and for him — but that will not fit into the scheme of your things. "You have grown fat by not doing" — what an indictment. How can you do anything when you have only the words of another and not the power within them. When will you listen to the VOICE within you and stop discounting yourself — you too are my temple — remember this. Cyrano asks this pertinent question:

"What would you have me do? Use the fire God gave me to burn incense all day long under the nose of wood and stone? No, thank you." Burning incense to personalities, organizations, false gods and more especially to the human egos, is the surest way to call down the wrath of God. When you pray, will you dare to stand in the effulgent LIGHT of the Temple, unafraid — with the boldness that comes of pure recognition of God — and ask, simply and with assurance? Or will you seek for the praise and patronage of a great personal god — to climb to heights you could not reach alone? Will you in this golden Light try to demonstrate gold?

Organizations are but the shadows of the personalities who created them. When the energy of the personality is spent, the thing falls to pieces and becomes a memory. Without the Spirit, nothing lasts. That is why Jesus warned against the worship of personalities. "Call not me good." He saw the evil of following personalities, however lofty. Follow ME — follow the SPIRIT. When you do, you will see ME in a thousand, thousand masks — and eventually will be able to call ME into being by your recognition of ME. Yes, even in the mass of corruption and death, with all its indications of futility, you will call ME forth and I will come through joyously. Yes, I shall come, as surely as a reflection in the mirror laughs when you laugh. When you pray, come joyously into the Temple. Put away your desires for the nonce — enter, and be still. Presently, you will see the "desires" in all their perfection which He has prepared for those who LOVE THE LORD. You will see things that eyes have not seen. The petty desires you left at the temple gates when you entered to pray will have faded into insignificance, for the "things that are prepared for those who love the Lord" are so much greater. And you will learn the reason for the deep secrecy — you will tell no man. Ye accuse me of keeping secret knowledge That I should share among you,

As if a she bear should show you her cubs Or a thrush should tell you where her eggs are nested. There is nothing — nay, no knowledge hidden Saving only from him who seeketh

The wherewithal to fatten ignorance.

- Druid Taliesint*

If ye have ought against your brother or yourself, first lay your gift on the altar. Stop the useless trying to get something. Pray the prayer of recognition and rejoicing for once, and see what happens. Much will take place when you are ready — things more wonderful than you have planned or thought will happen.

If I AM to "give you the desires of your heart," you must be able to take them. How can you take them if you are only trying to believe in a God who transcends all thought patterns of your life? How can you possibly receive the desires of your heart unless you realize that something greater than your thought process will bring them to pass? How can you succeed unless you have discovered that victories are not won on a battlefield of mental effort and argument, but in the garden of your heart?

All belief in karmic debt will loosen and disappear the moment you enter the LIFE which is in Christ Jesus. The moment you cease looking to the ancestors and their evil history, by recognizing the FATHER, then the old karmic pictures become nil. "Call no man (NOT any man) your father." The Divine impulsion which brought you into your temple-body holds your Destiny. You release all of the qualities of the human father the moment you cease identifying yourself with him. You see a sudden and miraculous change taking place when you call no man your father — and appropriate the birthright of SPIRIT and view your Golden Destiny stretching before you. Slay him? Shoot your arrows at the moon, ye impotently ignorant. He who hath earned a destiny shall run his course, Though earth, air, fire and sea were all in league against him. Look then to your little evil,

Even that is fearsome because it is so little. Slay that, lest it betray you

When the hour of His destiny Sendeth him forth to test your manhood.

- Druid Taliesin*

Nothing can destroy the Christ within you, once you have discovered its reality. "Slay him?" It is like shooting arrows at the moon. Nothing shall stop the on-rush of his presence within you, hurrying in his unhurried way, to the fulfillment of YOUR Divine DESTINY. You have released the fate of the man born of woman, few of days and full of trouble, and have entered into the Divine Heritage of the Son of God. You have "earned a destiny" and shall fulfill it with ease and beauty "Though earth, air, fire and sea were all in league against him." Nothing shall withstand the Brightness of his coming.

Chapter 2


IN Oriental teaching there is a degree in which man frees himself from "subjectivity." Subjectivity is that state of being under the power or authority of another or a system of ideas, or a code of action derived from the findings of the senses.

When man frees himself from this "subjectivity," he recognizes that "all mentation, viz., their appearance, presence, change or disappearance (in the field of consciousness) have no genuine reality. They are neither in a temporal nor in a spatial (having nature of space) relation with the ONE SOUL, for they are NOT self-existent." In other words, when man enters into the ONE-ness he loses all the duality of life, which he now sees as the illusion he once called reality. He sees the rose within the rose and the substance within the symbol and knows where REALITY lies. Likewise, he sees the LIFE unchangeable and eternal in the manifestations of health, which is but a limited concept of LIFE put through the glass darkly of appearances which man has accepted and to which he has become subject. To the savage, things which are natural to an engineer appear as magic and the workings of a tribal God. He does not understand them, so fears them — and hence can be hurt by them, as a child in its ignorance can be injured by electricity. When we recognize even in a small degree that all states of "mentation," every degree of the human thought or finding, that is, all appearances, presence, changes, and even their disappearances, have in actuality no reality, then we begin to experience freedom. Appearances are but shadows cast by spirit in the world of illusion. Hence man does walk through the shadows of belief, even as he is told he shall walk through fire, water, closed doors, and even death — not to work miracles, not to mystify or to induce worship, but because when he is "sealed" in the WORD of Jesus Christ, he discovers that all the "mentations" of the human mind are but illusions. And if it be necessary for him literally to set them aside, he will do so, as Jesus did in all his so-called miracles. The illusion of the mind, under subjectivity of the human, self-made laws, saw the healings of Jesus as something from on-high, or something from the realm of mystery — but Jesus was automatically operating the LAW OF GOD, and took no cognizance of the "mentation" of the human thought. When you live in the recognition of the true values of LIFE, you rise above "subjectivity" of the human mind and are freed into the realm of pure Spirit. At this level, what you "tell the Father in secret" is declared from the housetops of manifestation as a natural sequence. Nothing else could happen. When Jesus went WITHIN and shut the door, he entered the degree beyond subjectivity of any and all human thinking and manifestation, and he then functioned from the place of GOD. Here he found the REALITY that does not pass away and is not subject to belief, nor space, nor time — but revealed the NOW-NESS of GOD. Finally, the freeing of oneself from the "mentations" of the human belief causes man to take his rightful place in regard to the coming and going of things. Unto Caesar are the things of Caesar rendered, and unto God the things which are God's — and the discovery of rendering unto God the POWER which is animating everything in the universe will cause a subtle change to take place in manifestation. It takes the power away from the inanimate thing and places it where it belongs. To discover God as LIFE in the temple — body, is to cause the manifestation of health to rise many degrees in the body. To contemplate God as LIFE is to cause the action of this LIFE in the temple-body to be equal to anything which it has to perform — even though this may seem beyond the accepted possibilities of the body. When this release from subjectivity takes place, many of the revelations of Jesus Christ will become natural and normal. The unenlightened being has nothing but his subjectivity to follow — and this can be on any one of a thousand levels. Thus the savage, in following his pattern is doing the best he can, and until he becomes Christ-enlightened, he continues to function under the laws of his subjectivity. Thus, if he believes that sitting in a draught causes him to have a stiff neck or get pneumonia, he will come under the law of his accepted subjectivity and produce these effects — and will have to use other laws to relieve himself.

Order in Adobe PDF eBook or printed form for $4.95 (+ printing charge)


or click here to order from Amazon.com for $10.00